[Hotfix planned] Event shops are blank and weekly Glory troop not offered

We have a dev who is looking at this now.


Don’t know if this is relevant, but I had bought the max amount of Spoils of War from the Resources tag – as I do first thing at every weekly reset – and now it doesn’t show the Spoils of War offer any more:

I think previously it did keep showing the Spoils offer but you just weren’t able to buy any more of it? Might be remembering wrong though, or maybe that was an intentional change in 6.6. Anyway, just throwing that out there in case it’s related.

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I play on PC through Steam. Logged in after reset and shop in event was blank. There isn’t an option in the regular shop to buy the current new troop. Tried logging out of GoW and back in. Same result. Tried shutting down Steam, restarting, and logging back in. Same result. I also play on Amazon Fire and I’ve downloaded GoW through Google Play (since I didn’t want to wait for Amazon to approve the update) and no shops there either.

I’m in North American region if that makes a difference.

Same but Xbox.

Are you in North America as well?

I’m in NA and both shops are missing.

I’ve updated our Known Issue article below to reflect that this is affecting the World Event Shop and some other offerings in the main Shop on the World Map as well such as the weekly event troop and spoils of war. It appears to be only North American players who are affected.

We have a dev working on all the shop issues at the moment.


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Yes, both shop and weekly place to purchase troop is blank forme, on PC.

No event shop, no rewards section in normal shop and frozen continue buttons if you touch the halloween event (had to restart the game after looking at the halloween event) PS5

Both missing. Reintalled app, but no change. NA

The Shop does not have a Rewards tab for me this week, which means I can’t buy the new troop Dhrak Smith. This is on Steam. I was able to get him from event chests, though.

Why this is so frustrating on both my mobile and PC

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Missing from shop new Glory Wings troop

United States both the guild event shop and weekly event troop in shop is missing on XBOX platform

In game name Miss Kitty-TITANS-

FWIW, after leaving and re-entering the shop, any one-time purchase offers, which were purchased are removed. As such, the Spoils of War offer is behaving precisely the way it always does.


In the uk here… mulriple restarts. Shutting down console etc… to no avail. Lol

I’m from Brazil and I’m having the same issue with the WLE shop and the glory troop.

Edit: I closed the game and reopened, it’s back to normal.

Both shops are still messed up for me.

I completely uninstalled and re-installed via steam with no change. Also not on my apple phone. Southeast US.

Tried that twice, and once on my mobile device and still nothing, still no weekly event shop or weekly glory troop. it’s on y’all’s end palbert.