[Known Issue] New week shop issues

I’m experiencing a couple issues with the shops this week on Xbox.

The first is the regular shop under the Weekly Event tab. The only thing available here is The Umbral Giant, last week’s troop. I’m assuming quite a few things are missing here, but what I truly went there for was the current week’s troop.

The second issue is the Tower of Doom shop. This one is completely empty. Restarting the console has not worked.

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Also having the same issue, for the third week in a row…

Can’t buy the weekly troop for Glory. Spoils of War was available as normal.

Tower of Doom shop is blank after two restarts.

I’m on the Steam version.

I’m having the exact same issues on Playstation. Just a thought but this error might have something to do with the time change some areas have due to ending Daylight savings time.

having the same issues on xbox still after what would have been last weeks reset.

I’m having the same issues on PS5 platform.

Hey everyone!

This is a known problem to the development team. The issue is temporary and it will resolve itself after a few hours from when it first appears.

We do have a hotfix planned which will prevent this from happening in the future.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective: