[Hotfix planned] Event shops are blank and weekly Glory troop not offered

Platform, device version and operating system:

windows 10 pc using steam
also on android

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

when i open the current guild world event (topaz treasures) and go to the shop page, it is completely blank.
this is happening on my account both on steam and on android
and also on my friend’s account on android that i live with
as we are on the same network, we also tried mobile data without any change

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

at least for the past 5 hours. my guild has been working hard to complete the event, and i wish to help. i purchased the first two tiers earlier this week with no issue, but cannot purchase any more

my friend doesnt do world events so dont know when it started for them, just had them check the tab once i had found the issue

Steps to make it happen again

once it happened, i have not been able to get the shop to show
i have tried multiple devices, closing the game, changing many settings (basically every graphics setting)



i wasnt able to continue world event. checked up until the last minute, still empty. unsurprisingly at reset, shop is now back to normal

my guild sadly wasnt able to complete final reward stage

Post reset, the new world event shop is blank for me. PS4. Restarted the game twice.

Blank for me too. Android 10; have quit & restarted the game post-weekly-reset.

Same on Xbox.
Also the shop is missing the weekly menu. No way to get the new troop.

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Same for me in Android.

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I grabbed one from an event chest, but yeah, the weekly troop shop is missing on PS4 too.

Same. Android.

No event shop. No weekly menu in regular shop.

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Hey, make sure you close and re-open the game now and it should appear.

I just checked and it should be fine now but you will need another restart.

Still nothing. Verified integrity of files in steam and restarted again after your post. Also affecting my mobile device (same account) on IOS. Campaign shop for event is just blank.

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iOS here. Same thing, even after closing and restarting game. No regular event shop showing at all and WE shop is blank.

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Just got a message in Gems that my game was out of sync and it forced a restart. Still empty shop after the forced reset.

Nope. Just quit & restarted; both shops still absent for me.

I was running a last minute GaP that ended right around reset, not sure if related.

Can I ask which region you folks are located in? ie. North America, UK, Europe etc

I’m in NA, Kafka

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West coast US here.

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North America, U.S. Also after 6.6 update, there are about 60MB of assets that refuse to download.

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Three reloads later I still have no World Event shop, just a blank page. I also don’t have the option to purchase the new weekly troop for Glory in the shop. That entire tab is missing.

Steam version, NA region.

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