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[Not a bug] Reward shop is not shown

Reward shop is not shown for me
Device: mobile

Hey @007 this should be a nice easy one to solve, you just need to full exit and re-open the game.

On iOS, if you have a home button double click it and swipe gems of war of the screen.
If you have an iPhone X just swipe up then swipe Gems off the screen to exit it.

On Android you have a button with 3 lines or 2 boxes, click that then swipe Gems of war off the screen to close it.

Then just re-open the app and any missing content will be downloaded for you.

Ty, Kafka. I gonna try that

It didn’t work, Kafka. I made that tive and nothing


Are you looking for the weekly Glory Troop?

If so it’s in the Weekly Event tab in the shop now.

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