[Hotfix planned] Aspect ratio change

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_I can no longer access, chat or auto play as the button is now off screen
How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

I think this happened since the last update

**Steps to make it happen again
Simply go to explore

Known issue, according to forum mods it is planned to be hotfixed.

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This is good, because on the monitor with a size of 1024 will not find the chat button during a battle, and for the guild wars is something dull, boring and no fun, even to ask for advice -_-

You are asking for advice mid-battle? Doesn’t that stretch out fights too much? Especially with guild wars, I prefer to just get over with it (and hope, that I get their elementalists down, before they criple my team).

Hard to tell, if the fix will already be out next week, or if it takes longer than that. Like I said, all we got is the word of forum moderators, that the developers are aware of this problem and some others caused by the update and are working on it at increased priority.
The team does neither read the forum or other communication platforms, nor play the game. So the definition of “official” statements needs to be stretched here to apply.

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To be clear in case anyone who isn’t familiar with how our team is structured reads this so may not understand what Jerog said here:

Our Customer Experience staff (CX team) handle all communication and are part of the game development team in house at Infinity Plus Two, the developers of Gems of War.

So we have full time staff dedicated to looking after communications and player support so that the programmers can focus on what they do best: programming and that responding to the community doesn’t delay work on bug fixes or new features :slight_smile:

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