[Reported] Chat button during battle moved

Platform, device version and operating system: - Win10, PC

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When battling, the drop down arrow for chat is all the way in the upper left, settings button in the upper right, both out of reach unless I maximize the window

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Began with latest update to fix the games button issue.

Steps to make it happen again
Started explore battle… did PVP battle… did Arena battle… same results.

As a note, if I play in max windowed mode, the buttons are accessible, but just barely.

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Same issue for IOS - iPad to be specific. iPhone is fine though because of the wider screen.

Hey all,

We have had some similar reports of this issue, can I just confirm what resolution you are currently playing your games in? And I’ll add it to the report.

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I play at 1024x768 windowed.

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Here’s my device

@Emos what resolution are you playing Gems in, also 1024x768?

2388 x 1668 according to Apple

I have this issue running the Steam version on my Surface Pro 7 at 2736x1824 (3:2 aspect ratio). I do NOT have the issue running the Steam version on my 4K monitor at 3840x2160.

I also have this issue running the iPad version on my Mac Studio (macOS 12), which is using a 4K desktop at 3840x2160. On the Mac, the game area is locked to a 4:3 ratio with black borders, but that has been true ever since I started playing on that platform. It won’t tell me in my settings what it thinks my game resolution is.

Hey folks, just an update on this one.

Unfortunately this needs a client fix, which means we need to put the game through the whole submission process with the stores again and wait for approval before releasing the fix.

We have a meeting scheduled on Monday to talk about when is the earliest we can get a fix to you all as it can’t be this weekend - that is out of our hands due to needing to resubmit the game to get a fix live.

I’ll also be following up on how this passed QA :frowning:

We’re very sorry as we know this is pretty inconvenient.


Do you think, you could leave the devs a sticky note as a reminder, that there are players using 4:3 ratio? This is the third time in a row now with new/changed design elements, that something has been pushed offscreen (delve buttons and dungeon text previously).

P.S.: In fullscreen mode, the buttons are completely unreachable.


I play on the computer, one of the main advantages of gemsyov I think the scalable size, which can be set to a comfortable for the player…

Now this is broken, it saddens me and does not allow me to enjoy the game to the fullest…

I hope this gets fixed, because it used to be better with the chat button…

Because now it’s broken, and it saddens me, just the original expansion, which is not comfortable for my game…


Oh, while you are on that, can you add the similar Dungeon issue with displaying the level? It’s here since redesigned Dungeon, and quite minor, so I never bothered to report it before. But as you are redoing interface anyway…


Here at least a little, but noticeable, and on the Russian client - instead of the level you see only the “evel” and not a little digit can not be found, and that’s a long time ago, alas…

Oh shoot, I didn’t realize there was already a topic for this. Sorry about that devs and all!

Here’s my resolution info:

unfortunately this is ruining the Treasure Vault for me! i don’t want to launch Gnomeapalooza while the screen res is jacked