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HoR not dropping (Switch)

Over 600 keys, no HoR (Switch). Similar results from most of my guild members. Is this a bug?

It’s the downside of probability theory at work. The Heart of Rage – and the Tarot troops as well – are very low probability drops. Even throwing a ton of keys at the issue isn’t a guarantee; the more keys you use, the better your odds of (eventually) getting one, but it can take a very long time and it just might not happen at all.

It’s the same as throwing a huge number of Gem, Glory, and VIP keys at a new mythic plus a mountain of Glory on top of that… and not getting the mythic. Which has happened to me (and a lot of other people) probably more often than we really care to ponder.

It’s not a bug. It’s just terrible luck once you start getting into really huge numbers of attempts.


It COULD be a bug. The devs haven’t posted drop rates even though every platform requires them to do so. So, maybe the bug is the drop rate is too low. Who knows.

Devs, transparency is good.


Even on PC/mobile, the chance is very low for me nowadays. It was better when it was released.

Kezef, I’m aware of probability. We need hard numbers people.

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You need more keys nowadays @Kezef. Your 600 is just not enough hence we have GAP.