Homebound II recruiting active people,1 requirement 1k seals closed for now


Welcome to Homebound II! We currently have 1 requirement, get 1k seals a week. but push for 1500

What we are looking for:

  • Active people! We want people that log in more than once a week! Preferably people that get 1500 seals a week.

  • Friendly people! Help make guild chat and the discord a vibrant welcoming place!

  • People that want to learn and improve their game!

  • people that have kindoms all at level 10

What we have to offer:

  • A friendly welcoming atmosphere!

  • Access to Homebounds discord, we have many useful discussions and great info there.

  • Priority access to our higher level, more active guild! Members of homebound II will always get first dibs on any vacancy that arises.

  • 40k seals!!

  • average level is over 700

  • average gold donation is is over 600K

  • average trophy count is over 150

  • We participate in guild wars, and all the events, We do not care if you score big, but ask that you at least participate, using your free sigils and do your guild wars fights.

  • completed 3 legendary tasks last week!

  • the guild is actively managed, dead weight is removed weekly

Low pressure, highly active guild looking for 1 active persons!


join the team!


All are welcome to join!



i had 2 friends that used to play, but since last year i have palyed alone in my guild and i see that i am losing a lot of things. So, if you want an active player that would like to climb up the ranks, we coul have a try.




is your invite code still ELDARION? if so please leave your guild and I will invite you, if not please give your invite code!


Yes it is. Thank you


invite sent!


still need a few more to fill us up!


I’m a longtime member of HomeBound who’s visiting HomeBound II for a few weeks. Have to say I’m really impressed with how fast things are shaping up down here.

If you need a relaxed, supportive guild to help you as you level your kingdoms and develop your troops, HomeBound II fits the bill… Then when you’re ready for more competitive play, you can move up to HomeBound.

Join us!
LP :pig:


Big people? little people? we love them all! join us! did I mention we have NO REQUIREMENTS???


I think you did.


dont be afraid, we will like you


I’m looking for a helpful guild, as I just started playing last week. Therefore, I’m still learning the game. I left my 1st guild because there was literally no chatting within the guild - just silence. If you’ll have me, my invite code is: BATZANY_TMLW


invite incoming! gimme a sec


Invite sent! please check your in game email!


got more room! Come chat with me!!!


Or lurk and quietly play your way!


still looking!


I am interested, still learning the game however.