Homeboud Recruiting! Rank #49 GW Bracket 4, 15 LT's , 29/30 1 immediate opening!


Owwww my head :frowning:


Shhhhh, the hail didn’t even get that big


I have a tiny head, so the hail looked really big…


Hello is there still a spot open I’m level 900 and a frequent player.


Yay! welcome to the guild G!

for everybody else, I will be officially closing recruiting, but I think we had someone not make mins again this week, so we will likely have another spot available if there is anybody else out there looking.


ok, the boss says to leave recruiting open, sooooo, recruiting officially open again! At least he let me come back inside now :frowning:


uno mas 10


It finally stopped snowing! Need friend to celebrate!


We have one opening we can fill immediately, and another 1 or 2 we could fill almost immediately. Invasions and raids have not been good to us apparently…


Beep bort!


To the top with this post!


upsy daisy


need mo people!


To the top!!


Come on squirrel-friends!


still need at least one more person!


You CAN haz guild!


Lvl 468 - invite code YURAEL - minimums no problem


[quote=“YURAEL, post:58, topic:35647”]


Please leave your guild when you are ready, and I will get you invited!