Homebound Recruiting! Rank #49 GW Bracket 4, 15 LT's ,30/30 closed for now

If you’re an active player looking for a competitive-but-relaxed guild, you may have found it! :sunglasses:


• We’re a Demi-God III guild (level 1320), currently ranked 49th

• We’re looking for a high-level player who can help us meet our goals. Minimum level to join is 800 The average level of HomeBound members is currently 1048

• We always complete all Statue tasks and have been averageing 15 or so Legendary Tasks each week. We make 40k seals every week.

• Guild Wars is MANDATORY in HomeBound. We bounce between Brackets 4 and 6 from week to week. Our emphasis is on participation – We don’t mind if you don’t score big in GW but you must play.

• We’re a relatively stable guild, our average time in guild is 33 weeks!.

• Our GM follows Guild consensus when making major decisions. If you want to be in a Guild where you have a say in what goes on, you’ve come to the right place!

• HomeBound is a cooperative, friendly guild. Players help and support each other, and all members who contribute are valued,’… Join us!

• 200k gold minimum (average weekly contribution = over 1 million gold)
• 1000 seals minimum (1500 strongly encouraged!)
• 150 trophies minimum (average trophies/player/week = 450 or so)
• 25/30 guild wars matches played on the day of the match(because anyone can miss a day, but we really want you to play all 30!)
• Join Our Discord (it’s free & easy to sign up… our Discord contains many useful resources for our players)
• Minimum level: 800 give or take (average level is currently over 1000)

  • Participation in raid boss and invasion is MANDATORY We complete the events most of the time, and are pushing for a 100% completion rate. We need people willing to contribute.

A quick note about the mins, and I am sure pretty much all guilds would agree. Our minimums should not be your maximums that you strive to achieve. The minimums should be the least you can do, even when life gets busy. If you just perform at the minimum, you will not last long, we are going to be raising our requirements in the near future, we are looking for players that can at least get close to our averages.

If we sound like a good fit for you, message me or reply to this post. I’ll be checking in frequently, as will the GM and other guild members, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

We even have a theme song, inspired by Paul Simon

:musical_note: Every day’s an endless stream,
Of Spinnerettes and Naga Queens,
Each Guild War looks the same to me,
The Molochs, Krakens and Banshees,
And every Forest Troll I see reminds me that I long to be…
I wish I was in
HomeBound, with my foes defeated
HomeBound, where 40k’s completed
HomeBound, where my prizes pile up
Silently for me. :musical_note:

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We are looking to replace one of our players after this weeks guildwars. Life is getting busy so she will be stepping down, but welcome back at any time! (as long as we have an opening)

Come join us, we promise not to make you sing! :grin:

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I make no such promises.

Singing for everyone!

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Ah well, “It’s the singer, not the song…”

We have punch and pie!

Hello, I am interested in joining. I have been looking for an active guild. I am level 1032. You all seem like you would be a good fit for me, but what would you like to know about me to make sure I will be a good fit for you?

Hi Grymgrina! As long as you are active, and can meet or exceed our requirements, I will need your invite code. And please be patient while we work on releasing our one person that is stepping down, I can get you invited as soon as I can!

Ok, cool. Invite code is HARPER_6

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Hello Grymgrina!

Your spot is currently occupied by our former GM, just giving them a chance to say their goodbyes!

I’ll get you in tonight so you don’t miss out on the task wave in the morning.

No problem. Thank you for accepting me.

We are currently full, If anybody is still interested shoot me a message, we may be able to work something out!

We are open for business again, We have one member that has quit the game without giving us any notice, so we have an opening that we could fill immediately or hold till Sunday if that is what you wish. Either PM me or reply to this post!

This poem is here for a bump
Intending to make this post jump
Come grind for Dawnbringer
Since I’m certainly no singer
Yet for this limerick, I’ll get kicked in the rump

Sent a message as well my invite code is PIERCINGS76, Level 1169.

Welcome aboard Freaky!

Recruiting open again! no current requirements for raid or invasion as we try and figure stuff out! Come Join us! We will have the opening next monday morning! join us for some guildwars fun! Exclamation point!

Hi there! I’m level 415-ish and all of my kingdoms are maxed out. I only started playing a few months ago and I routinely get 1500 seals/week and compete in each day’s guild war. I am a very active player and would love to join your guild.

Let me know if that’s still open!


It is! Sending you a PM

recruiting is open again, we had a player hop guilds with no notice, midweek… Come Join us!!