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High Risk High Reward team

Looking for a team that can clear in 2 mins or under, Only cards i don’t have, are Infernal king and the mythics.

Sooth, sooth, headmaster, bat.

Sooth bat valk bat

Sooth bat hellcat bat

Sooth mab valk mab.

Jarl Firemantle
Jarl Firemantle
Double red banner.


Well there’s the obvious one,
Emperor K
Queen Mab

Then there’s the not so obvious one that can be high risk, but I counter the risk by adding Mab for the freeze on loop (since jarl can biff it sometimes and could ruin your game with one bad turn) and Valkyrie for the souls, and to fill mab

Jarl Firemantle
Queen Mab

I only use Valkyrie when I can turn something that is not yellows or reds to blue and only use Mab when the baddies have half mana or higher.

I like that particular combination because if jarl gets hit off pretty quickly before I can get looping, the other three troops work together and can usually finish the fight.

I enjoy the team anyways

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How about Hellcat/Alchemist/Rocket/Rocket with a double red banner?


+5 red mana means one surge gets Alchemist full to start looping him and Hellcat. Cast Rocket whenever it is up and to alter the board for more converts and a never-ending turn of three troops dealing a good amount of damage.

Somehow I don’t like Emperor very much (esp. with. Mab - he drains mana that she uses to do damage), but I like very much that team with Behemoth in his place. I use a bit different troop order, but that’s it. Lion’s banner of course (+2 Blue, +1 Yellow, -1 Green)


High risk team is any team with Abhorath, maybe

Slime/ Giant Spider
KoS or BD


Valk/Valk/Mab/Mercy. Easily sub 2 minutes unless the opponent has mana shield/impervious or you have a horrible starting board, and can be still very fast if they only have one resistant troop. There is a reason a trait was added to pretty much exclusively counter Mab (no, jackelope doesn’t even remotely count).

Black Manacles
Giant Spider

I use Emperor K’s skill only when the top two troops have full mana. Otherwise I love having him on my team for his stun on loops. His utility and stone skin is why I keep him as my top troop. He is invaluable with the combo of stuns and freeze. I never lose with that team and it’s fast as long as you don’t spam emperor.

Anyways that’s just my opinion on it :slight_smile:
Valkyrie typically can fill Emperor and Mab and some of Mercy, so I don’t mind them using the Same colors

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Same here. I know the mana drain and mana burn don’t synergize well but EK / Valk / Mab / Mercy is all about the match-4/match-5’s. Having the whole enemy team stunned and frozen is so much fun.

I find EK and Bat to be highly efficient but not nearly as “lock down” as EK and Mab.

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Plus I would rather deny them from using their skill with emperor rather than focus on getting the max potential from Queen Mab.

Especially depending on who is on the top two spots. Like I love denying a Maw or Emperor.

The utility of that group is what makes it so fun for me, like you said about the looping. Definitely my favorite team right now

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Yeah. I’ve toyed with dozens of combos. The REAL team is EK / Valk / Mercy. Finding the right 4th member is all about the incidentals. Bat can add additional damage. Empowered spirit fox or Manticore can provide 1st turn mana drain. Behemoth can beef up in the rare event EK does.

Overall though the freeze on march-4 or 5’s is just too darn utility.

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The REAL REAL team is Valk/Mercy :slight_smile:. I’ve used this all the way back to when Treant was my Go-To tank.

Though I do love me an EK/Valk/Mercy/Plague. Most people only care about the magic and attack drops, but it is easy to underestimate how much damage Plague is really tacking on to the entire enemy team through health/armor drops without ever having to cast. Would be even better if Plague’s last trait weren’t so glitchy sometimes.

Yeah I don’t have Plague but the every turn trickle damage is a real pain.

One I have, that depends on enemies being able to be frozen:

Old Gods +2 purple
Borealis - 3x damage to frozen units
Bone Dragon - Skull spam, triggers Mab’s freeze
EK - Not sure what belongs in this spot, but the Stun on 4 or 5 helps with some troops.
Mab - Freeze them

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I use a team from an older @Tacet most powerful team video that wins 90+% of games in under 2 min, I’ve named it

"Hail to the King"
Yellow/Yellow Banner

Infernal King (3)
Sheggra (1)
Mercy (3)
Star Gazer (3)

I think I use a differnt banner then him but dispite being a little out of date it still hits hard and fast, stone skin isn’t a problem but granite skin (and thus Gorgotha) is, it can even play through Mab teams and frozen if your cleaver enough… It’s also important to remember that there will be several times when you will not cast Star Gazer to get the turn 1 win, collect extra turn skull match before firing off a skull spammer (unless frozen) to get in just a little extra damage

The real :tm: