I don't think I have seen this team on the boards yet, PVP HighRisk/High Reward

It’s possible I have missed this team being posted but I have been experimenting with:

Hellcat*** (doesn’t need to be traited at all)

Dragon Banner

Very high risk/high reward. But generally ultra fast with turn one wins being somewhat common.

Fairly straight forward, get hellcat charged asap but if the board doesn’t suit that than work towards courage. Always select skulls for courage (obviously)

I do not recommend it against salad dragon, it can win anyway but it’s slowed down drastically

Now it IS a looping team so people who prefer less of a gamble won’t like it. I have had 30 second wins with this team multiple times, and first turn wins are fairly common as well.

It’s currently my primary PVP team.


I’ve been using hellcat, courage, Jarl, mercy for the past few weeks on ps4. Absolutely kills it. I’d try double courage but enjoy the jarls fire ability on match 4. Hellcat can burn on skull damage with the third trait only though. So if you don’t use Jarl or fully traited hellcat it won’t be quite as effective.

I thought about that as well, but the burning is really not needed when every skull matches gives you +6 dmg+6 health and jaarl requires slightly more mana to charge then another courage.

Though I suppose he DOES loop into hellcat fairly well.

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Pharos-Ra has proven to be a strong PVP contender as well. By a miracle of RNGesus I managed to pull three of them from VIP boxes when it was first added to the game. After I got him fully traited I put all three of them on a team with a fully traited Kerberos, and they kill it. The max soul cap is at 240 and since Pharos-Ra’s damage is boosted 1:1 by the number of souls, he is a VERY heavy hitter. One use of his magic gives 120 souls, so after using his magic the first time he can devastate the enemy. The second use of his magic ups the total souls to the 240 max and I have yet to come up against a team he can’t destroy. Granted, it’s not as fast as some, but since he uses blue/purple/brown gems it’s pretty quick to fill his mana, and the gem conversion he does will often produce enough mana to recharge him or get an extra turn.

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I have recently been experiementing with

Eternal flame (Mechanist fully traited to start with 4 yellow)

I am happy to say it is much more efficient than I thought it would be. It’s not as fast as the double courage team above but it is still pretty damn fast.

Not being able to get Jarl/Eternal charge early on will hurt you though if that happens.

I’ve used this team before. It’s kind of boring.

It’s true not much to it.

Jarl hits hard and the constant kraken damage makes it decent.

There are better teams, but I have been wanting to put together a kraken looper and this one has been even more effective for me then Green Seer/Giant Spider

Try hellcat, courage x2 and mercy. Eeeevilllll!

Also rock troll (all traits) honour x2 and gards. Cast honour on reds, boost gards looping between the two guardians then booom! One shot kill with gard’s avatar.

I’ve used 2xHonor with Gard before. Kind of unfair. :wink:

PS. the team was honor / honor / Gard / apothecary

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I’ll try that as well. Rock troll is good because he can’t be devoured and has stoneskin AND stuns on skull matches!

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Why would you want 2 Honors? What do 2 Honors give you that 1 doesn’t? :confused:

Great Team suggestions everybody!!
Please feel free to share them here and I will add them to my compendium!!

@Dddd Having two Honors allows you the potential to loop infinitely between the two until Gard’s armor is so high you can one cast kill the opponent. :wink:

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Two casts in 30 seconds. It halves the duration of the match most of the time.