Hex codes in names

I keep noticing “fancy” names. I can’t show an example without someone construing it as a “call out”.
But I’m curious why they are allowed but Hex Codes were removed from names.
I think it had something to do with screwing up invite codes. I assume these “fancy” names would do the same thing though.
Obviously not a pressing issue, but one that should be added (back?) if the “fancy” names aren’t an issue.

P.S. if you have a “fancy” name then please show a SS of it in the comments below to show an example of what I’m talking about. An individual can’t “call out” themselves.


when i create my accounts that have fancy names, i first make a mundane name and then use the free name change. but yea… unicode i would think could make the invite code difficult to replicate18%20PM
i spent a whole night on my main account name lol… digging thru endless unicode to get it the way i wanted but… i think that maybe allowing it for name change but not account creation may solve the issue if that can be done

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