Changing user name

well i’m not sure this is supposed to go here but it’s not really a support question

anyway back when i started the game i just picked the default name without thinking much about it, now i’ve been playing for a week and would like to use my actual user name after all, is there any way to change it at this point?

Moved this to Support as it’s more that than anything else (imo).

Have you tried raising a ticket to the support team? Otherwise here you are hoping that @Sirrian or @Nimhain notice and respond…

allright sent a ticket, support screen said i could find my invite code on the hero screen but i had to go to guild instead, what’s up with that?

What platform are you playing on?

I’d also like to know if this is possible… I play on ps4… and when I started I never thought I’d play much I thought I’d just get a couple trophies and quit so I left it at the default name… now I’m level 218 have nearly all the troops and my name is ******* :frowning:

I suggest contacting 505 Games Support for console versions:

Hopefully they will be able to change it, but you may have to keep your invite code (which is how it works on PC/Mobile versions).

I’ve been wondering if a name change is possible, did you ever get an answer?


@sirrian can do it… he renames players who sneak a rude or inappropriate (sexual or swearing) word into their name… I still like to battle MrSparklepants…

I guess Scrotum slipped their defenses

Not now that we’ve mentioned it to @Sirrian… who can now rename that person as Bagpuss or something…

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Bagpuss huh? Lmao

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Oh my. Either you’re a collector or you’re showing your age

Or I have this Googler device on my interweb computing thing…


Yep, going back to the game on that one.

That looks like a all star name to me


Sigh to necro’ed threads

@Jainus confirmed collector.

yea I eventually got my name changed by following that link and making a ticket.