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Why stop colored names?

Like the title says, what’s the big deal? It affects nothing and makes players happy by making themselves a little different. I don’t understand the hardline stance on something that doesn’t matter at all, especially since you can already type in color.

Remember in Game of Thrones when John wanted to mine the dragon glass? The advice given to Daenerys was give them something by giving them nothing.

You guys could learn a thing or two.

And as I was told growing up…pick your battles.

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I believe it was done so people couldn’t impersonate devs.

Seems like a stretch. The devs could easily incorporate a symbol in their names that is not allowed to anyone else.

And now That I think about it, you cannot see a devs profile, so it would be easy to distinguish.

I found the colored names distracting personally because then chat text was the same color as standard names. There are enough “flashy” colors in the game now and my eyes can only take so much.

It could have also led to potential exploits and was probably the main reason devs fixed it.

If you put the code for white at the end then the text turns white

It would be annoying… And would make me want to kill unicorns and other rainbow things*

(glbt… persons excluded)

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It’d be like opening a bag of Skittles and trying to find the ones that don’t have a “S”… I’m fine with not having the option.