Hero team composition

hi everyone im trying to build a team around my hero and im still searching for a 4th troop to complete it. maybe you guys can help me.

(yellow flag +2) or (brown yellow +1)

(brown/yellow) Gorgotha ***
(yellow) hero *** (Priest class and staff of st astra)
(blue/green) mercy ***

so gorghota: is a real tank in first position and can refill every other troop and himself very quickly

hero : heal everyone + 18 and cleanse every status effect. third trait also heal everyone +2 on every turn (combined with gorghota might be interesting)

mercy : can refill gorghota and hero very quick and also heal weaker troop +14 and cleanse everyone

that’s it for now im still looking for a 4th effective troop to complete it, let me know what you think about it and feel free to make any suggestion

Things that come to mind are; you need damage output and you aren’t using Red.

Jarl Firemantle might be the best choice. Targetable damage, good for looping and creates Reds for himself and Yellows for the others.

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Terraxis is another option. Less target damage, but he can refill Gorgotha and charges a bit faster than Jarl. Gorgotha would likely recharge Terraxis anyhow.

I’ve used the Imp of Love on XB1; he’s surprisingly good.

I think you have too much defense - 3 defensive troops is a ton!

If you want to stick with Priest Class, I would suggest ditching the Staff of St. Astra, and going with something heavy-hitting like the Staff of Madness, or Burning Scythe, or Fiercy Claw, etc. (Staff of madness is great, and is red/purple, which matches what you need)

Alternatively, you could ditch Mercy - but just using an offensive weapon on your hero is probably a better choice. Finish it up with a troop that has strong single-target damage. Paladin, Hellhound, Sabertooth Lion, etc.

yeah sorry forgot to mantion it was for a defense team :slight_smile:

my main strategy was based cause the staff give 18 health and trait heal +2, so could overheal gorghota and make him almost unbeatable since he is a tank and recover +2 would probably be safe on skulls hit then got the cleanse to protect status effect.

i could remove mercy but i think my team will be too slow she could really give a nice boost to gorghota and hero

If it is a defense team, I would definitely remove Mercy. She’s unlikely to cast at the right time, so as often as not, she’ll just be making yellow for your opponent. Put a damage-dealer in her place.

yeah but im affraid if i remove mercy, gorghota won’t be enough to refill hero since he will take all yellow for himself.
so hero will be almost useless

Put in Jarl if you have him.

You might not be able to make this team but incase you can:
Daemon pact
Hero sun and moon (sorc,necro,priest)
Giant spider***
Banner of your choosing.
The idea is to fill sun and moon as fast as possible so focusing on yellow/purple/green/blue is a must. However this team does have redundancy in the form of Teraxis and Dokkalfar, as Teraxis fills Dokkalfar.
Dokkalfar summons a giant spider who can summon a spider swarm. Sun and moon gets stronger the more you cast it making it one of the strongest weapons in the game. With sorc you can do massive aoe damage to the opponent. 3 of your troops do aoe damage. If you fill dokkalfar do not cast him until you either lose a troop or use his split damage to kill a troop. He is almost an army of one even though his damage is poor after a while. The team uses the summoning mechanic only as a backup plan and you can stall out your opponent and wait for poison to win you the game if it gets to that. You also get a team bonus with this team. When you get explore mode, this team is really good.

I get that, but with the AI controlling Mercy, it isn’t likely to actually generate a lot of yellow for your team anyway (maybe 20% of the time the yellows and purples will be aligned right to at least give you an extra turn, the rest of the time you’re just putting more yellow on the board for your opponent). It’s completely different with you controlling the team, but you said you wanted this to be a defence team, so I would take the AI related risk away.

Just for the fun of it

Gorgotha ***
Hero priest *** astra staff
The silent one *

All yellow bonus mastery and nearly everyone has a different color to be filled with one or two gorgotha cast. Only way AI can missbehave with that team will be not cleansing the silent one, i guess it will however rarely happen. Bul’tauros will be your sole damage dealer, but with all the hp buff and the ennemy team silenced most of the time, that should not be a big problem.

Your worst ennemies there, unsilenceable/impervious troop and shadow hunter.

You can swap Bul’tauros with chimera ***. Doing so you will loose all yellow bonus mastery but gain green gems usage, which will make chimera filled with one gorgotha cast. And with her arcane trait, plus one magic every cast, she will be a powerhouse.

Hope it helps and hope i will never face them.