Show off your Gard team!

Here’s my current Gard team:

-Keeper of Souls
-Gard’s Avatar

Not bad if you ask me, what’s your favorite Gard team?

I’m on PC/mobile but that’s very similar to what I use:

Honor / Apothecary / Gard’s Avatar / Black Manacles (or Mercy depending on my mood)

I have two. One I put together when Gard first came out which is powerful but can be on the slow side and one that someone else in the community put together but can be fast and deadly.

Gorgotha / Gard / Queen Ysabelle / Mercy - +2 yellow banner

Mercy / Alchemist / Hellcat / Gard - Dragon’s banner


I use Mercy-alchemist-hellcat-gard red/yellow banner on ps4


Is really nasty, too. As if Gard wasn’t bad enough for Death already.

Dragon Banner

  • Gorgotha (full traited)
  • Dragon Soul (full traited)
  • Gard (full traited)
  • Prismatic Orb with Priest Class (full traited) > gives Gard arround 20 Armor and needed Mana if you are lucky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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The most standard configuration is Mercy/Alchemist/Hellcat/Gard.

My personal favorite is Mercy/Terraxsis/Ragnagord/Gard. Desert Banner. Use Mercy if the board has alignment, fill terraxsis with reds or yellows if it doesnt, and if it looks like you can’t fill terraxsis, match browns and blow up the board. Fast Ragnagord fills up in one brown surge and can refresh the board until you either have the mana you need or have alignment to cast. I find the team to be every bit as fast as the “standard” configuration, but I find this one much more dynamic and engaging. Switching Ragnagord/Terraxsis will give you better insurance against bad boards, but is slightly slower on good boards.

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alchemist, apothecary, gard, golden cog
honour, apothecary, gard, kraken
im testing one with heros chalice weapon atm.

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Have a new one :slight_smile:

Desert Banner or Undead Banner (choose if you want to fill Gorgotha or Poison Master faster)

  • Gorgotha (full traited)
  • Settite Warrior (full traited)
  • Gard (full traited)
  • Poison Master (traits not needed imo),6211,6296,6021

This works amazing! If Gorgotha doesnt fill fast, fill Poison Master! His explode of greens often also fills Gorgotha and Settite Warrior at the same time :wink: Then cast Temple Guard on Gards Avatar, do the first damage on all enemies and raise Gards armor. After that cast Gorgotha and Gard should be filled. Cast him and maybe you have a Team Wipe…If not, repeat…

and with that all the gard topics should be collencted… :weary:
i wish ppl didnt multiplicate topics


so i got my gard team down pretty good, its fast and winning a lot in the top tier pvp (havent tried it as defense not sure that would work)
Holy Banner:
Golden Cog (Mechanist 3 traits)
Gard’s Avatar (3 traits)
Elven Bard

the idea here is to get tassarion to ramp yellow charging the cog and avatar (if avatar isnt fully charged finish that before firing the cog on him) then use elven bard to get gard ready for another sweep while attempting to get cog on him before that is ready. seems about as fast as the skull spam team so far.this was after the first sweep xD