Hero is pointless to use - hurts troop bonus? What is the incentive to use?

Is it just me or is using your own hero hurting your overall troop? It seems to me that a hero should be able to HELP the overall troop not count against it. When trying to build troops with the best possible bonus, the hero doesn’t fit in any where. To me, if we are leveling up our heroes all the time, getting new weapons for them all the time, then they should be more versatile and adaptive so they can improve our troops, not hurt them.

What is the incentive to use the hero? The weapons? I dunno…

Hero was left behind in the 1.0.8 update. The 1.0.9 update will make hero viable again.


Sheggra’s heart is basically the only viable weapon once the hero is out of the arena. Like Tacet said, this is being addressed in the next patch.

[quote=“Tacet, post:2, topic:3953, full:true”]The 1.0.9 update will make hero viable again.

This implies that the hero is currently not viable, which IMHO is not entirely true. Sure, the hero stats aren’t great, but some weapons still make the hero a serious force in a good line-up. Especially the red mana spawning weapons (eternal flame and Sheggra’s Heart) are still very good in PVP because of their compattibility with units like Alchemist, Valkyrie and especially Sheggra.

Consoles don’t even have 1.0.8 and the Hero is practically useless as it is too. You can build hundreds of useful, synergized Teams that the Hero would just get in the way.

I totally agree, especially with Eternal Flame remark. For a long time I used it with the Alch.-Banshee-Valk. trio as my main team and even though I recently switched to something quicker (with KoS, double Necromancy :slight_smile: ) I still consider the old team more reliable in terms of percentage of matches won. Only while invading of course, it’s mostly useless in defence.

While i realize that the hero right now only has very few situational and highly team dependant uses(some of which were already mentioned in this thread), i fear a time where the hero has to be in every team because he is simply too powerful, the sneak pic of the new hero that came with the barrier info kinda scared me a bit.

I don’t think this will be an issue due to hero having no type bonuses; though similarly, the fact that hero has no troop type can also be an advantage due to having fewer counters. If worse comes to worse, the devs can just add a troop that does 2x or 3x ability damage to heros.

Well the majority of teams right now don’t take advantage of troop bonuses (most teams besides gobbos), because the bonuses of most type/kingdom teams is dwarfed by the synergy several non affiliated troop compositions possess.
With the flexibility of hero weapons he might very well end up being a fit for all strategies and synergy oriented teams while being a powerhouse at the same time.
Anyways you might be right with the possible introduction of a counter troop to fix that, in any case it is too early to tell i guess.

I think that the hero should always be part of a strategy.
He IS the hero after all and has access to 100 of spells/weapon.

And i totally respect this heroic point of view, as long as it stays an option and not an obligation to take the hero in your team for it to not be strictly inferior.
My hero is more the commander type btw, he IS the ruler of the 20 kingdoms after all, and you can hardly hand over the day to day ruling affairs to Jarl Firemantle. We know that won’t end well for the empire.:fire:


Mine doesn’t care about his empire… He knows he can re-conquer it if needs be.
He prefers to: hunt with Orion, fish with Atlanta, play checkers with Sheggra (she always play red), party with Keghammer or just have a few drinks with Luther.


Don’t forget hanging around with Webspinner

What if weapons had traits? What if the hero’s type was determined by what your character looks like. Am i close?

Maybe this is too obscure, but it just occurred to me that Gems of War is pro-Tolstoy, and I like it!

You could say it is not pro-Tolstoy but is like Tolstoy in certain ways. To say that it is pro or con is to say support or denial of those traits but if we consider it based on the groups as a whole then maybe.

The hero is moi, and therefore very sexy, how dare you call me useless :stuck_out_tongue: