Sheggras heart, is it useful anymore?

What is your opinion of this weapon in 1.0.9?

You under estimate sorcerer’s power and how powerful it can be at making a whole board possible red if i understand how the weapon works properly. Also it is decent with classes that colour match it. If it had barrier on it then it would be overly powerful. It was mainly a way of making alot of red i think or healing alot, i don’t know how it’s spell mechanics work but from what i can see it is a decent weapon.

Except it doesn’t scale with magic anymore, so it’s currently worse at making red compared to Serpent or Eternal Flame.

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Why is it not scaling anymore? Is it a bug that hinder it from scaling?

No, it’s intended, and appears in the patch notes. Eternal Flame got the same treatment.

The reason is probably because Hero Classes add so much magic, and will make the weapon too powerful, possibly to a ‘broken’ level.

but they could had raised it even if it doesnt scale with magic anymore.

It has technically 3 effects and i don’t know if health scales. Eternal flame looks like it makes 8 red compared to sheggras heart but heart cleanses and gives heath vs the burn effect of torch. serpent is more random but poisons two enemies and with poison being buffed sheggras heart kinda inches out both eternal flame and serpent cause it can cleanse the negative effects and heal a random ally. Also eternal flame can only be gotten through an event or an offer. Serpent is odd one out as a common troop that can get tankish with his ability to heal himself but his mana summon ability is locked but the hp gain scales for him. He also makes 9 vs eternal flame(8) or shegras heart(7). There are troops and weapons that are better than those 3 though but i think you get more mileage with the heart as it was used for both the cleansing ability and the mana making ability.

It does. It’s also in the patch notes. Don’t people ever read anymore?

Nice summary otherwise, except you kind of ignored spell costs. If someone’s main purpose is to create red, they might prefer the lower cost option over the additional effects.

And a very powerful part of Eternal Flame, which is creating one gem exactly where you want it. I used Eternal Flame extensively when it scaled, but created the same amount of gems as it does now (or maybe 1 more) and I can say that even without Burning it was very good exactly because of its precision. Otherwise I don’t really like gem creators (as opposed to transformers), so never paid much attention to Sheggra’s Heart. I guess now, without scaling, it may be good if you use it mainly for other purposes and only secondarily to create mana. But it’s still too unpredictable for my taste.

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To answer the opening post, bluntly, NO