Help with troop lists

I’ve been using Zephyros/Alchemist for the past few days along with Tyri and my hero. It works really well in almost every match, but I feel like there should be a way to get more synergy. Can anyone recommend a troop that might work better here:

Hero (crude club@10 damage, 15 attack/23 life/17 armor)
Zephyros (level 10)
Alchemist (level 10)
Tyri (level 7)

Also, I just got blade dancer and am going to be experimenting to find a good troop list for him… any recommendations?

Man, do I understand your dilema. Been playing for 500+ hours and still learn new stuff every so often, PLUS, you’ll swop your troops a million times and never be totally happy. That’s the great thing about this game for me.

Sadly, no real answer for you but to experiment and explore new tactics. One way I learn new troop combos is to do PvP and see what some people defend with and read the Forum.

What flag are you running? Any hero class?

Hero class is warlord @ 20, no traits yet. Flag is Proud Banner (double red).

I’ve been going back and forth on using the Warlord weapon versus the club… sometimes I like the cheap activation that doesn’t block the alchemist, and sometimes I like the higher targeted damage.