Help with making Defense Teams (high level)

As the title suggests I would like to hear feedback on what are considered good defense teams. The only other threads I can find on the subject are dated back in 2016, apologies if I missed newer ones.

I personally do not enjoy PvP and would choose to never play it normally. With that being said, I joined a new guild recently that is quite active and regards Guild Wars very highly. I have no experience with Guild Wars and do not know how it is scored nor do I care, but I do want to contribute to the Guild Wars(which may require learning the scoring) if the guild cares about it so much.

For some background I am about level 850, have around 2/3 of the troops in the game, and maybe half of the hero weapons with most classes around level 35.

How much does defense in the Guild Wars actually matter? Even if it does not matter much I would still like to win just for the satisfaction. I assume most defense teams do not win too often anyways since players can utilize strategies that AI is simply not advanced enough to handle.

From what I deduced playing PvE it seems that teams that rely on converting gems, spells that target specific units, or anything luck based are not a good idea. Therefore, teams that have specific or random damage dealings along with explosions, devour, webbing, freezing, silencing, and extra turns are good, yes?

I also generally make themed teams as opposed to teams that are more objectively good. So I like having 4 Naga, Goblins, Knights, etc. instead of having a troll and 3 mythics from 3 different kingdoms for example. This goes to show I do not make good defense teams on average, hence my reason for being here.

So for example, one of my teams is Mines of Moria:

-Rock Troll (mythic; all traits)
-Nobend Brothers (Epic; no traits)
-Skeleton Key (Max level)
-Queen Grapplepot (Legendary; all traits)
-Thief class(lvl 55; all traits) and Abyssal Banner

I do not have Irongut otherwise I may use him.


TL;DR: What are some defense teams you have all had luck with and what are the strategies to keep in mind when making a defense team?

If they care about it that much then they should probably be giving you screenshots of the color coordinated defense teams to use. Or share them in guild chat. My guild has a person that does this for the guild so it helps a lot.

As long as you use 24 different troops in your defense teams you are good IMO.

Or go to a guild that don’t care about GW?

Otherwise it kinda sounds like you scouting for teams to use. Some people don’t like to share.

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One tip I can give freely is that if you hate facing it, then it’s probably a decent defense.

As far as actual teams, I can’t give away the work many of my guild mates have put in. We have spent hours testing and refining defenses.

…which everyone sees in battles.

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Our opponents will and they will spread in time, at which point we make a few adjustments or scrap once it no longer works. Why put in the work and immediately show it?


I’ve been mullered by one of my own defences 4 weeks after trying it out in gw, so I can confirm that does happen - I don’t know if I should have been annoyed or proud :joy: