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Guild Wars Help

Guild wars has always confused me, so what is the purpose of setting up your defensive teams ? how does this help with guild wars. What is some good teams it seems that no matter what team I put in I never defend.

It’s just like your defense in PvP. Read the forum, try to make decent defensive teams.

Another option is to create 6 different GW defense teams to gain maximum defense bonus (2000 pts per day for unique troops used - 500 pts per unique unit). And if you’ll manage to create 6 good defenders - cool.

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It’s better to have 6 different defence teams using 24 unique troops even if they are bad than it is to have to the same strong team ever day. Even the best defence teams in the game lose a lot so it’s better to go for the 12k bonus points.


This is especially true if you are in any but the top few GW brackets. Most weeks, my defenses are only tested 2 or 3 times all week.