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Help rebuild our guild! (Kantana)

So my guildmates in Kantana and I are kind of riding a ghost ship.
Our guild was, once upon a time, in the top 100. We’ve since slipped down to 443 with 51,046 trophies.
As it stands we generally have 3 players between level 300/400 who contribute a great deal each week. We’ve hit a million gold in a week between the 3 of us, we’ve also earned full seals.
That’s where it starts to feel like a hamster wheel… We need some chill people who like to play that will contribute to the loot before our guild chest with be worth a damn.

For now we don’t have concrete requirements, we don’t have the people to be picky. The consensus has been that we don’t want to be a brutally strict guild that will boot you for coming up 5 trophies short of your goal. We also don’t want to work tirelessly to feed loot to non contributing team mates.

If you want a relaxed but goal oriented place to belong and can contribute a fair amount seals or gold to the cause, come join up with us. Our guardian statues are all over level 40 (except purple) so we’ve got decent enough bonuses for now, definitely better than playing without a guild.

Guild name is Kantana