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HELP PLEASE returning player alot has changed

im a returning season player when i left do to getting burned out i was lvl 95 ive came back after a year or 2 and now im lvl 97 well alot of things have changed and some of the changes are awsome but what i need help on and im border line permently quiting this game…is that before i left i unlocked a crap load of classes and some of them i had lvled to 20 and it says i only got 2 class unlocked at level 20 also before i left i bought the 500 gem dragon armor ((that what im really peeved about)) i found out i no longer have it nor anything in my email to reinburse me on the gems the hours i wasted getting it…glad i wasted hours and not money or id yell scam so can some one tell me whats going on ALSO 1 last thing…before i left in the tresure game you use to beable to get a bonous if you got like 50 or 60 moves …i dont see it any more and i forgot the bonous did they get rid of it…i think it helped guild or something…thanks for the time

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What platform are you on? pc/mobile, Xbox, or PlayStation?

pc via steam

1) Missing classes:
You’d need to speak to support about that one. I’ve never heard of classes not showing up properly.

2) Missing dragon armor:
They have changed the location of armor. Now, you can pick armor for stat bonuses and pick a second armor for just appearances.
After clicking the Hero tab:
As you can see in this pic, I chose the DeathKnight armor listed under Armor Bonus for my stat bonuses.
Then, I went to the Appearance tab and picked Dwarven armor for appearance.
[If yours is still missing, you should contact support.]

3) Treasure Hunt Bonus:
After every 15 moves, you get a bonus traitstone. I circled the indicator for how many bonus stones you have accumulated in red.

You don’t get any special bonus after 60 moves.


60 moves on treasure hunt is required for getting guild seals.

i found my missing classsees…it was how the thing was postioned over ((i tthought it was to as far left as it could LOL discovered on accident soo im good there

as far as armor goes i unerstand that…thing is before i left i bought the best armor i could with gems.and i no longer have it period…i dont see why i need to buy it all over again does that mean every time they do this i need to shell out more hours of my time or money… i know the chances of them doing it is low but not the poinnt

update okay i do got my armor i thought i bought dragon turns out i got celestial soo apperently they made new armors since i was gone :slight_smile: thanks everything good now

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