Get me back in the game! help for a return player

So I havent played this game in a few years and picked it back up.
DIdnt realize how much of a hoarder I was…I have 5,500 gems. What do I spend them on?
I have celestial and dragon armor.
i just found out the sunday deal. so thats great.

I was a nub then and now im even more so. Just a grinder.

Can you explain if i need to upgrade all my towns and why?
Also whats up with the underworld. IVE DONE NOTHING WITH IT. Basically treat it like it doesnt exist.
treasure hunting. Im really out of date.

Really im hella ADD and need a quick run down and priotization of where to spend my gil and what to upgrade.
I will be ever so grateful

Also if theres a very active guild out there that will want to take me in, please let me know.

You can get gems quite easily if you collect tributes at a good pace, so for me, 5500 isn’t that much, since I could drop 2000 gems in a single event (guild event, new delve, and for you, maybe classes?) Gold is by far the bigger bottleneck. You’ll need TONS of it for delves. Once you do go to delves and upgrade them, use this site for help: Hoard Master


:laughing: Love it.

Which platform? Probs PC/Mobile if you played a few years ago?

  • Celestial and Dragon’s good, as is the Sunday deal.

  • When you join your very active guild, use your Gems to buy a few Shop Tiers for the weekly Guild Event depending on what they require.

  • Probs don’t use it on chests (you should get Keys from your very active guild to help you catch up).

  • Consider saving some for weekly Tuesday Faction Events to target some old Weapons (they’re included at Tier IV in their event shops). Jar of Eyes from All-Seeing Eye, Life and Death from Silver Necropolis (and then a few other good ones, ask your new, very active guild). This should also help you catch up a little in the Underworld.

  • Don’t use them on: Pet Rescue baskets, Class Events (although I’ll nod to igniteice above, Classes are very important and you’ll have a lot to catch up on, so possibly worth it if you have extra Gems), Arena (obvs); probably other things I can’t think of.

I tend to be pretty miserly these days, though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

It’s probably worth it, the extra stats will help you kill everything and not die, and higher Power Levels will give you more Gems from Tributes.

You’ll need certain newer Troops to survive the harder PvP teams, though, regardless of stats. Make sure you get Queen Beetrix from The Deep Hive (in the Underworld), The Maraji Queen (Sunken Fleet), and basically all of the Troops with the “Empowered” trait that convert gems (kind of sorry to have to say that – but they will make your matches get started a bit more quickly, anyway).

Also target a few particular Class weapons – Plaguelord’s Essence of Evil, Sentinel’s Shield of Urskaya, maybe Archmagus’ Reflection of Good.

New Troops, reasonable loot (incl. Traitstones), Ingots for weapons.

Get the Hoard Quality of a Faction to 10 using the “treasure troops” you get from using Shards (do the Faction quest and then you can open “Chaos Portals”). Probably pick either City of Thieves or Mirrored Halls. Then repeat at level 20 to get more Shards to help you raise the Quality of your other Hoards to 10. Aim for the Faction that’s going to be in the Tuesday Faction Event each week :facepunch:.



Fwiw, I’d be happy to have you if you look up the “GemMakin’BobsledTeam” in the Guild Search (“GemM” should be enough for it to pop up) – we’re relatively active, and we do need one more atm, but it does sound like you might want something a little more hardcore.


Honestly I really appreciate all the help!! I’ll look you up for sure. Hardcore yes but information is priceless.

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I’m on mobile . I can’t find your guild. Maybe I can’t join

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Just want to add a link for you: the official game guides.
They’re pretty good and kept updated, not a bad place to start when you find yourself wondering what something is.

As for gem spending, I’d suggest using them on new faction release weekend events - if you can buy enough sigils/power potions there to max out the renown for that faction, then you never have to bother with it again. It is SO worth it not to have to play the delve without potions and with much lower stats.


TIL (after spending almost two years in the game). Forever noob I guess. Sweet tool!

I looked up your invite code, and I just had the level requirement set a little high for you (which is why you wouldn’t have been able to find it)! I’ve changed it now, so feel free to have another look (or let me know if you’d like me to send you an invite) :slightly_smiling_face:.