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Best gem invest method

Hi. I have 600 gems and I don’t know the smartest invest method once I buyed the celestial armor.


Dragon armor?


If you already have dragon armor (100% bonus gold) next best thing would be 50 gems on Sundays Dungeons pack, and every time you have 450 gems open a 50 pack of gem chests

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Keep them around for now. The Raid/Invasion events could be worth spending 100/week if your guild does them. The 50 gem packs from the dungeon on Sundays are also a good buy. If a new Mythic comes out that seems really good, buy gem keys to try for it- Or, if you’d just like a random mishmash of higher rarity troops, but packs of 50 gem keys whenever.

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I buyed celestial armor, is really needed have 2 of them? I looked again and almost have 700 gems. I’m really thinking in get the 50 gem keys…

The 100% gold boost will help you level your kingdoms quickly, which is very important.
So I’d say buy dragon armor.


My suggested priority for gems:

  1. Dragon or Celestial armor.
  2. The one you didn’t buy from (1).
  3. Leave 50 gems for the Sunday diamond bundle.
  4. Decide for yourself if you want gems for an upcoming raid/invasion shop. (I think 350-500 is most sensible for this step.)
  5. Open the highest VIP key set. (I don’t have access, and you probably don’t either, but it’s better than gem keys!)
  6. Open the highest gem key set.

For (3) and (4) you might opt to say “no”. Maybe you don’t care about diamonds/Soulforge. Maybe you think the raid/invasion shop’s a ripoff. Sometimes I’ll spend 450 gems and go below 50 because I am certain I’ll get 50 gems before Sunday again.

But that list represents the “best” places to spend gems, in rough order of consideration for hoarding. Pre-raids/invasions, I’d typically wait until 500 gems to open the 450 gem chest bundle, so I’d be sure I had 50 left over.


I finally buyed the dragon armor, now when I get the 500 I’ll buy 50 gem keys and always kept 50 for the sunday offer.

Thank you all very much!

If you play in Guild Wars, always keep enough Gems to max out the Magic Sentinel because that boosts the effects of many spells!