Help players catch pet

keep pets found by guild (with a maximum of 10) saved in pet cage with a timer of 24 hour before expire.
this way helps multinational guild and workers to catch pets caught in night hours or when they are offline

Sorry for my english


Animal cruelty :rofl: :rofl:
I like the idea :+1:

It is defo a good idea, sadly seen she’s gone rabid our cage is atm occupied by our BossyBoss.

She’s trying to escape but dont seem is gonna happen anytime soon.


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That would require a whole rework of the code. I don’t think that it will happen.
I actually proposed this idea in the past, but I think that some other solutions are just easier and more convenient than this one.

Darn good idea, big :+1:

yes probably but the pet sistem now is frustating for a lot of players

I know, me included. The problem is the source code that was ported to Unity. They can probably manage, but not change the code in original form to make the adjustments at the most fundamental level.

but if dev seen that a lot of people have problem with pet maibe something can make

I already told you. The source code was ported, so they may not have the means to change the foundations of the code to make all the necessary changes.