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Has anybody else noticed this?

So, until this latest build GoW was always a 505 game designed by Infinte+2. Now there is a third company associated Pipeworks.

Does anybody know who they are? Could they be introducing some of these design choices that seem so anti Infinite+2?

It’s total conspiracy theory, I know, but I thought it would be fun to hypothesize…

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Pipeworks was the company doing Console development, and as such, are the authors of the original Unity client. As far as I know, their involvement ceased at the time IP2 took over the Console dev responsibilities.


Pipeworks has always been in our credits on PS4


No wonder there’s all this new stuff coming down the pipe. :wink:


I have no idea why that Pipeworks logo is still there anymore since IP2 now handles the console version of the game themselves.

Probably for the same reason you don’t take the original author’s name off a work you remastered?


I played PS4 long enough to realize that my account wouldn’t link and that was that. :wink:

I suppose we can call this debunked.


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http://pipeworks.com/index.php?/our-studio/ Sister company to 505 Games.

Plus it’s on the US west coast side - in Oregon…

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Thats why i quit playing on PS4 also.

As @Lyya has mentioned, Pipeworks was the initial developer of the Console version of the game. Since @Alpheon and I took over in June last year, and brought all the development in-house. Pipeworks did a great job on the initial console version of the game, and are now working on other cool projects. Since we have now unified all the platforms with Unity, It’s only fair to give credit where credit is due. We can assure you there is no conspiracy there.


So Pipeworks is not involved with the game anymore?
If yes, why some gamefiles are in a Pipeworks folder? :stuck_out_tongue: