Forget about surveys?

If you look at the last major patch notes, it mentions random surveys
I have not seen any over several months
Did they not get implemented? Or are they just not on ps4?

I am on PC and I don’t recall any surveys. Well, there was something about a fan-made weapon that was already done some time ago, but nothing has been implemented in the game so far.
I wonder why it was done in the first place.

I feel like it’s because the devs took some initiative to do something fun, but then the publisher stopped them from implementing it. It sure does seem like the devs are in full-on “just do what we’re told” mode, with business executives at the publisher making all of the decisions.

For example, look at all the “GoW 1” features like arena, PVP, explores, and treasure maps that all conformed to Sirrian’s public and vocal dislike of “energy” systems. Then compare to the “GoW 2” that the game has evolved in to, with Delves, boss fights, tower fights, etc. which are not only all gated by thinly-veiled “energy” systems but also have that energy gain monetized.

I mean, I obviously have no clue firsthand and I’m making blind guesses here…but, seriously, take a guess at which of those two feature sets was designed by a game developer and which was designed by a corporate suit.


Whenever I don’t have access to actual numbers. I judge a company growth based on real estate and staffing. Prior to the sigil (energy) based game that it has become. IP2 moved into a bigger and nicer office location as well as well hired at least 2 staff members within the year prior. To be be fair, it’s only been a year since sigils were unleashed onto to world. But the devs are busier than they have ever been. It’s hard to imagine they couldn’t use at least 1 new staff member to help ease the burden. But, companies who aren’t lucrative enough, can’t hire more staff.
Or 505 is da greedy devil who won’t allow them to hire more staff. Maybe Sirrian sold his soul (the game) to da devil (505) to keep the game going. If that’s the case, I appreciate the bail out that 505 provided. I just hope whoever is leading the ship now is able to avoid the ice berg that have caused so many to fall off this ship. There’s no way in hell the player base is higher in actually playing the game on a daily basis than ever before. Can’t go off just people logging in to collect free shit on a daily basis. I’m talking about people actually playing at least 10-60 minutes a day.
Oh and no offense to the OP. Comments like mine are discouraged normally on a bug report. But since isn’t really a bug report but a question about the surveys. I left my thoughts about where the narrative of the overall thread has made them relevant.

Relevant quotes/posts:

I could have sworn I heard a Dev response about it at some point… Maybe it was during a stream.


Again, they definitely made them functional! I saw 'em! Just … not on live. What’s with that? :thinking:

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Hi everyone! You are correct, we did mention implementing the survey inside the patch notes - and technically, if I want to get all PC I can say well yes, they are implemented - they’re just not running right now. :wink: We hope to be running them in the future, but not in the immediate short-term future. At the moment it’s going to be more of case by case basis when we see more of a need for it so we can make adjustments easier later on (rather than tacking one on to every single feature!). There’s also some other backend changes we want to make before running them so we’re in a better position to monitor the feedback.


I just moved this into feature requests/game feedback because it feels more appropriate (and game play chat is platform specific).


Run a survey about putting old weapons in the forge. I dare ya.


Maybe run a survey to find out if people want surveys

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Thanks for the response Cyrup
Was just curious if it was forgotten or purposely held back

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It’s important to remember… Whenever a survey is ran. Someone has to check all the surveys. I completely understand the desire to only do surveys when forced to do so. Some of the responses are surely less than kind and inappropriate af.
They don’t need a survey to be aware of the current angst the community feels in regards to PvP and Weapons. Oh and notifications for Android that 4.3.5 broke and the patch gave us what in return? Well, not surveys. :wink:

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