Recent Bans and Trophy deductions

The truth is that unless your guild is made up of yourself + 29 of your own alts, you have no way to know if someone is cheating or not. You can trust others in good faith but that doesn’t stop them from doing their own thing, and sometimes people are tempted by the “easy path”, especially when they suspect or hear of other people doing the same thing with no repercussions.

Sometimes :poop: just happens.

I’ve seen people who were strong communicators in chat get banned for cheating, so the social aspect of the game doesn’t necessarily prevent it. If someone decides “it’s time” or “maybe just this once”…or makes the decision to let their friend/sibling/relative use their account without realizing that that person uses cheats…they can get banned.

What each of us has is a choice - whether to trust what Salty is telling us about each case being investigated before a ban is applied, or to trust our friend/guildmate who insists they didn’t cheat. At the end of the day, there’s no way for us to definitively verify either case.

The best we can hope for is that the process is in-depth enough where innocent players don’t get caught up in it, and if one does get banned by mistake, that the player is able to recover his/her account in a timely manner. This might require additional Customer Support personnel because it’s well-known that cheaters will also try to get their accounts back, and innocent players should not need to suffer as a result. This is infrastructure that should be built-in when an anti-cheating measure is planned out.

The notion that “appeal requests are just not as important” honestly really bothers me. I’m sure most of us don’t mind the idea of a cheater crying about not being able to recover their lost account, but how would we feel if we ourselves were falsely flagged and slipped through the cracks, and then had Support tell us “sorry, it’s just not that important to review your case, we’ll get to you eventually”?


The whole collection of Intrim guilds is actually just one really busy couple with serious multiple personality disorder and a huge bill for proxy services. True story. :wink:


This example is the minority of players. You cannot run a guild on extremes.

We have a couple of very long term players that never say a word. They make requirements and contribute to guild. Loyal, middle of the pack valued team members.
We encourage active communication but it’s not essential to be successful.
You can’t really know someone from their on-line persona.
We are a top 100 guild that completes LT’s, 40k seals weekly and closes all portals. So…


I created a SurveyMonkey survey just under a year ago for Almost Epic members. One of the questions I asked was what they liked most about being in AE. The results were astoundingly the Community! Creating a survey only takes a few minutes to do and only a few minutes for them to complete. It’s a great way to find out more about your group and what you can do better or differently to keep your gem family happy.
Community is the juju that makes the mana surge!


I must add that I have a lot more understanding about the bans and am fully confident in their legitimacy. There is a lot of paranoia being spread around global that if you do well you can get banned and that just isn’t true. The week following the bans Almost Epic held “Epic Week” where we surged leaderboards finishing the week with 11 on Leaderboard and not a single ban. Same with Epic Angels who had Bärmon break his all time record. There were loads of investigations and we’re all good. So have fun, play hard, just don’t cheat.


Speaking of surveys
Last major update mentioned they would send out random in game surveys for small rewards
Has anyone seen one yet? I haven’t

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You are on PS4. Sony probably don’t allow this kind of thing.

Just like ‘everything else’ :laughing:

A person: “I think the vast majority of people behave this way.”

The internet: “WELL GOOD SIR I know two people who don’t therefore you are wrong.”

Seriously. All. Day. Today. Every thing I’ve said, whether I say “most” or “some”, somebody’s jumped in to say “Nuh UH!” Even at the freakin’ DMV when I noted “hey the one with 30 desks tends to move faster, why did my dumb ass come here”, some lady literally ran from 50 feet away to tell me “NO WAY I waited there an hour one time”. An hour and a half later I got to turn in my forms. She was 30 numbers behind me.

So sure. Whatever. It’s impossible that people can form bonds via socialization, because one person in a top 100 guild knows 2 people who make reqs and never chat. Every account on this forum is a lie, you’re all just bots made by Salty to make it look like GoW is an active game. It’s all been a figment of my imagination that my guild network forms strong bonds, and the people who tend to leave us are the people whose names I don’t even recognize.

I don’t know why. It gets on my nerves. It always goes like this:

Person: “The sky is blue–”

A dork crashes through the wall, bleeding from the force.


Hell it even went that way at the DMV.

Me: hands in forms “I need to update the addresses on my title.”

Lady: rolls eyes Titles don’t have addresses.

Me: “OK, I just gave you a form that literally says in capital letters across the top, “VEHICLE TITLE CHANGE OF ADDRESS FORM”, can you do what the form says?”

Lady: thinks for several moments “I’ll see…”

It’s been a bad day.


Fake News.

You are fortunate to be in a guild with a strong communication ethic. Such guilds are rarer than ascension orbs. I am in a guild where one of our most active players never ever chats and yet has revered honour. I have also noticed that at least 5 noob members’ do zero each week, get kicked and are replaced at once by 5 more non productive low level players. Hmmm, think it might be time to make space for a 6th ALT, I mean noob lol.

Not fake news. I am one of the most active players on PS4 and have never got an ingame survey ever, none of my guild members either.

What platform do you play on @Koromac? Because it seems like PS4/console players never receive these surveys.

@Kafka @Cyrup @Saltypatra Can you maybe confirm that console players don’t get these surveys? Perhaps I am wrong.

Apologies for being off-topic in this thread btw but I thought it was a relevant issue that needed addressing without making a new thread :slight_smile:

I’m guessing he was saying that the patch notes were fake news. Remember their new year’s resolution? Whatever they are doing that is so time consuming. I hope is worth it. The game needs a life boat or a drastic change in course. Salty’s job is to promote the game. I’m not saying she’s a liar. But some of her posts are pure propaganda. I love GoW but it’s hard not to notice the amount of players quitting the game and the lack of new ones coming in. P.S… No edit… That’s how you derail a thread. :wink:

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Yeah, I was a bit presumptuous replying to the two words that were posted, my bad.

Hopefully something will come from this though. It seems a shame that the devs/publishers are not interested in the opinions of console players unless there is some platform restriction on this being done in game.

To keep this thread on topic though, please permanently ban ‘cheaters’, not just slap their wrists and let them play again 2 weeks later because they spend lots of money in the game. Oh wait… that’s never gonna happen :laughing:


I am on PC. And yes, due to certain legal restrictions, it’s not possible to get rewards on all the platforms.

Survey was a part of 4.3 beta and it did give out rewards. I guess they just haven’t done one in the live version yet. I don’t remember exactly, since it was in March, but I think it was something like five or ten gems for completing the survey.

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I think this ties into a different conversation that went sour about whether Guild Leaders do “a lot of work” or not.

Let’s preface with something important: while I have an opinion, I’m just trying to compare and contrast two approaches here. Each person is happy in different circumstances so one or the other of these is “wrong” to different people.

Some guilds are run like a garden. That means there are plans, rules, guidelines. In these guilds, at least minimal communication is required. New members come in and if they don’t “fit” they cycle back out. Old members might change their priorities and want to cycle back out. If it’s a guild network then the task becomes managing who is moving between what guilds, but the benefit is the “lower end” players mingle with the “higher end” players and function well together no matter which guild they’re in. People tend to stick around even if they were thinking about leaving, so there’s not as much churn. Or, when there is churn, people give a few days/weeks of warning. That’s a buttload of effort to maintain and the leaders spend multiple hours daily maintaining it.

Other guilds are what I think the people who say it’s not work expect. It’s just 30 people who want to beat the hell out of the game and know they need to be in a guild to do so. The Tower of Doom is probably the place where they interact with each other the most. Other than that, to them the guild is only as good as its standing and they might jump ship at any moment if an opportunity arises. I think in this situation it’s still a lot of work for the GMs, because what I’m hearing is they are constantly shuffling members around because people leave without warning.

So meandering back to this topic: I think if you’re unhappy with how your guild/network communicates, you should try to change it. If you can’t, start shopping for another guild. Find the guild that makes YOU happy.

It’s possible they’ve tried to launch it at least once, it’s broken, and the result is “no one sees it” :smiley:

I hear you and am definitely considering going elsewhere. However, looking for new guilds has been made almost impossible due to honour traders spamming chat all day every day. Have you noticed how much the recruitment posts have increased in number in this forum since honour was introduced? A consequence of this is guilds like mine are heavily populated with ALT accounts created to boost fake honour on their main account. Naturally these ‘players’ say zero and do zero. They are removed and instantly replaced by more ALTs who do the same. Trade spamming means no proper recruiting is possible, which means open door policy which means more ALTs, inhibited progress and a ruined guild spirit. I know this is really part of another thread but good guilds with real players are probably oblivious to the problems the honour system is creating, they may even be perpetuating it by generating ALTS of their own. I consider this to be exploiting a very bad idea,(making honour available in chat) worthy of cheating. ALT accounts need to be stopped. What’s wrong with doing stuff legitimately?


I found my guild by just making friends with people in Discord, eventually one asked if I wanted to join up.

I hear you though, the alts were a predictable consequence. For a while I thought about making a site that’d sort of secret-santa pair you with someone to trade with daily, and would cull no-shows. But I sort of ran out of hobby time.