4.3 Update (Patch Notes)


No status effects to recover from (since they didn’t get a single turn) so nope, I don’t think such recovery could be ‘survived deathmark’.
Next theory - maybe blessing (I did cast Moon rabbit) your troop counts as ‘survived deathmark’?

Bless is starting to sound like a candidate. I did have Qilin on my other team.

I can confirm it as a Visual glitch only, mine showed the same as yours every time I close the game’s app and restart it, and just to check it, after I collected tribute, I screen shotted the rewards from each kingdom (now that they show it) and the amounts for every kingdom that gave tribute was 10% higher then the kingdoms erroneously state they’re giving (the figures on the kingdoms tab are not including the guild statues bonuses as a visual thing only, my Whitehelm says on the Kingdom tab 65 glory and it gives 71 glory as shown on the tributes) it is annoying but the tributes given are correct

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By far I think this the best post in this thread and a great idea! Thanks @Rasper

Maybe it’s an acknowledgement that we all die someday, so technically every moment is lived with Death Mark?

I just realized … I haven’t seen an in-game survey on live yet. Has anyone?

I know what they look like, because I tested the thing myself, but I haven’t gotten one on live.

@ Devs - are they supposed to have been live or are they scheduled to show up at specific times or something…?


I haven’t, and have been looking out for them. I also haven’t rated the game, yet, though, so I was thinking perhaps I wouldn’t get any in-game surveys until I’d dealt with that pop-up.

Never mind.

WARNING EVERYBODY do not buy 91 PACKS of the new rare troop (the game says on purchase screen this is how many you need to ascend to mythic) if you do you will get 182 copies of the TROOP which is 2x the amount you need.

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Please spend this week testing potions, at least a little.

It’d be really disappointing to try them out next week and find yet another feature that requires a very fast dev apology and fix. It’d be really great for just one thing to work. One thing. It makes you and, worse, the beta testers look very, very bad, even though I’m sure if we had the whole context it’d make sense. I at least know why the beta testers aren’t to blame, not everyone else does unless they’ve been paying really close attention to the forums.

You have a whole week to see this coming. Use your time! Make yourself and your associates look great! It feels really good to release something that works.

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Devs are looking into it. Any expense on excess glory will be compensated accordingly.

Probably one of the worst updates in a while.

Working chat is good but the emojis are dumb, portraits are too limited for now and with them all being troops or kingdom shields it’s hard to tell people apart with them, Titles are too limited and are all pretty poor. And of course I have to redo all my 100+ delves just to unlock the portrait.

Honor system could have been a great way to improve PvP but was very poorly implemented and most people just honor their guildmates making this useless.

MVP screen is a waste of time and of course bugged. I keep getting the survived a deathmark even when nothing on the enemy team can even apply a deathmark.

Tribute screen is cool I have no issues with that.

Potions aren’t usable yet so no opinion on that.

Banner filter is good.

Screenshot mode is a waste of time. I can do that with the f12 button and I still do even with the option of the screenshot button on the screen.

Balance changes won’t change anything.

Buying multiple glory packs is one of the best things from this update but of course wasn’t properly tested so is bugged and the people that only want to get the troop to mythic get screwed because we have spend 4400 glory more just to get the troop to mythic.

Rest of the general changes and bug fixes are OK.


@Smash—is that my screenshot? It was not revenge, but have on death knight armor and had several battles like that. (???). Thought it was just cause the opponents’ are +2100–+2400? :slight_smile:

Yeap it was.

I share your opinion about this update.

Banner filter is a good addition.
Quantity option is a good addition, but it was bugged!
Emojis, I feel that they are out of place, with very limited and basic functionality, and aren’t necessary. A poor choice! I don’t know who came up with it. I just disable the chat altogether.
Honor is pointless. That feature is a waste of time. 99% of players will just exchange Honor with their Guildmates. There’s no point to any of this. You could have used your time and resources way better.
MPV screen is indeed bugged. I am getting Death-marks when there should not be any at all.

I can only hope that the next update will fix existing older and current issues, while implementing Improved Soulforge, and most importantly, Event Weapons that I missed in the past.
Same goes for my suggestion about the Weekly Challenge.

The rest is okay.

I really wish we got full patch notes. I just wasted Support’s time with a ticket because I didn’t realise there was a change in 4.3. @Kafka please note and sorry for wasting your time!

It used to be the case that upon opening the rescue from the Games menu, it would load the number of pets you have on the far-right tab (“pet bonus” perhaps, can’t remember exact name), and these would not be displayed dynamically; i.e. when you opened the pet rescue game it would record your number of pets and then not change when you collected more. Now, it seems to update dynamically based on your current number of pets. It would be so useful if stuff like this was included in patch notes.

So before, the order would be:

  • Rescue triggered;
  • Open rescue screen;
  • Pet tab shows you need 4 for the next ascension;
  • Play battles;
  • Collect rewards - receive 3 copies;
  • Pet tab still shows you need 4 for ascension even though you just got 3 copies so actually you only need 1 more.

In 4.3, that last step would be different as the tab would automatically update to show that you only need 1 for ascension. I was so used to the old way that I assumed that having collected 3 I would be able to ascend because the Pet Bonus tab displayed that I only needed 1 for ascension.


All the portraits for doing delve clears at lvl100 just retroactively unlocked on log-in. (Except the one I got earlier this week…)

And I hear not a word from the devs. Did you flip a switch (not that Switch) or did you even realize?


yup i got minethanks @Alpheon


@Kafka told global last night this was going to happen.
So if you were one of the 10 in chat, then you found out. 🤷