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Has any one just

Looked at this website’s source code for possible spoilers for the game instead of the game files?
(Note this has been done countless times with the five nights at freddy’s website with great success.)

The devs don’t really do anything to the website. Sirrian even said on many occasions that he is bad with websites. Other than the blog and this forum, the website is pretty much completely untouched.

You could give it a shot, but I doubt there’s anything to find. We don’t usually put info about upcoming plans into the website until we’re ready to announce them publicly.


I wonder how many are ready to announce, also i suck at website code as well.

That’s the thing: If they were ready to announce, we’d announce them.


That might be true but what about weekly troops though. How much time does it take to make a web page for a weekly troop, and how do we know that te next 3 weekly troop sets do not have their web pages made?

Aside from the fact that this sort of thing should be treated like Rule #1 of Fight Club, I tagged this as “off topic” since we’re talking about the website, not the game.

What’s the rule?

We are not to talk about The Fight club.

You broke the rule!