Trash Pirate (weekly event)

Look like the automatic post didin’t work on the forum


Why is it a Spoiler? Lol
@Sirrian please don’t tell me it’s a holiday. I need an account recovered like 2 days ago. Please. :grinning:

Because i don’t have the official news category :stuck_out_tongue:

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An interesting troop. Wish we were able to see how much gold the enemy has though.


Boost ratio, plz @Rickygervais!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No public holiday afaik.

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It aint a holiday, as I explained in my news post, the website went down over the weekend and didn’t go back online in time for the new to go out. :slight_smile:

I wish we could get some troops that are actually not useless or overpowered.
The middle exist you know.

I’m not sure it does (exist). We have so many good troops now that if something doesn’t strain the power curve in some way, it goes into the pile with Peasant and Gargantaur.


This could be a very useful troop (quickpaw jack) but as myself and others have stated for some time, enemy gold and souls need to be visible in order to counter spells affected by these values. Currently the only option is to attempt to record the accumulation of enemy gold and souls by hand (impossible at 4x speed). Knowing when to cast this fella is thus problematic. Is this on the ‘to do’ list? No point having troops like Quickpaw without this info being readily available on screen each game.

I didn’t bookmark it so maybe I’m making it up but I think someone somewhere confirmed this was in the next update. In terms of forums credibility I rate this “Salty said it on stream one time” but I swear there’s a post somewhere.


I think so:


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Lol, relatable.

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Btw Quickpaw say “steal up to 50 golds” but actually steal 100 at time, kinda a pain to get if you use gold making teams lol.

@Saltypatra reading one of the other current threads, seems like there maybe someone with the skills to write a ‘script’ to get that website running while you sleep… :wink:

Red charlotte is very nice, only need 30 gold to get a free refill, killing tower very quick it’s cool.

At least she is useful for this event so i will enjoy while it last then she will accumulate dust

I would imagine the soul and gold info would be displayed similarly to how it is done for our own teams, simply by shifting an equal display above the enemy deck. If the code can count and display our gold and souls there should be no major issue doing the same for the enemy. It is already calculated after all. I tried quickpaw early doors in invasion but its unworkable as things stand. Crimson is great as Ricky says. 35 Max gold means refill and that’s easy with rogue troops plus warden, thief or dervish when you hit 4 towers. Possibly the easiest invasion ever.

Even if it only showed enemy gold when you selected Quickpaw (or another troop using enemy stats), like it shows you the relevant gem colors or skulls for troops whose spells use them, that would be pretty good.


You should all come to my stream today, just saying…

You will give us some candies?

This is what salty is refering. Would prefer to see it in the main screen cause you need to push start every time

Edit: i don’t really care how many maps and keys the AI got, maybe just show the gold and souls in the mains screen, just the ressource who boost the AI attack…

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I would rather a readout after each gw battle. How much damage I did vs enemy, how much mana, how many turns etc.

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