Trash Pirate (weekly event)

Oh you mean an explanation of guild wars scoring now that it’s been out for 2 years. And all the excuses for not explaining are completely invalid now.

OH MY GOD a test account with 3 letter name! I want that! 3 character minimum instead of 4, I don’t want a dot in front of my name. I’ll happily pay gems again, just bring it down to 3! Please @Saltypatra @Kafka @Cyrup @Sirrian @Nimhain

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Are you talking about JcJ? Because that’s just French for PvP. Or did I miss something? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow, I need to learn French then :smiley:
My request still stands, 3 letter / character minimum for 0.0001% of the player base including me :smiley:
Or change it manually? BREAK THE MATRIX


3 characters you say? What a splendid idea! :wink: