Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Just wanted to wish all of my Forum friends and family around the world a Happy Thanksgiving! Come and join in the fun and post about what you are thankful for this year.

It could be GoW related but certainly does not have to be.

I am thankful for this community. We have had our ups and downs. We have lost some great contributors and dear friends over the past year and yet here we are still going strong, rocking these boards with the best forums in all of gaming! I am thankful for my new home so I no longer have to live with my in laws! Praise RNGesus! And finally I am thankful for the health of family.

Whether you celebrate the Holiday or not, a spirit of gratitude and Thanksgiving is one that can be universally appreciated. Share your positive thoughts below and spread that joy around the globe!!

Have a wonderful day and from the bottom of my heart:

THANK YOU for being a part of my life!



Did anybody else enjoy the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?


Well, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over here but the holiday is quite imprinted on me due my on-line familiarity/contact with north-american culture… I prefer to call it “Pre-Christmas” as both are quite close and have a similar spirit of gathering your loved ones and be thankful of all good things over the year.

And i’m not forgetting the food! :heart_eyes:

Anyway, i’m thankful for this game and all the fun i have with it, so thank you:
@Saltypatra (wherever you are and whatever the color of your hair is at this moment :laughing: )
And the rest of the team behind the scenes keeping Kristara safe just like (but not exactly like) The Power Rangers keeps Angel Grove/Earth safe. :wink:

I’m also thankful for this comunity. It’s a great experience, from many perspectives, to be part of it.
I’m thankful for the family i have, some of them are even my blood relatives.
I’m thankful for water. Because without water there is no coffee.
To not spoil the Thanksgiving Spirit i’m posting this e-card about coffee and not the other one. :innocent:


Thanks for sharing Ivar!
As I said it’s not about the holiday per say but sharing our gratitude in this thread. :wink:

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Happy thanksgiving to all! :slight_smile:

I’m still busy cooking. But, I figured I’d share a pic of the cake that I just made.


Yum!! Our fridge is filled with 1 buttermilk pie, 2 chocolate pies, and 4 pumpkin pies!!

And family is bringing MORE!!


I’m thankful for the devs for creating an experience that has had me saying, “just one moa game!” for several years running. And I’m thankful for the community for providing a home filled with ideas, excitement, and occasionally random goofiness that has encouraged me to remain close even when life has had other plans. Keep the gems dropping, y’all. :turkey:


I just googled ‘thanksgiving food table’, and instantly regret…



Regret!? Why?

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Because I was hungry when I googled it…
(I never learn)

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Ok Ash’s cake made me thankful for my delicious lunch today! I have been meal prepping massive curries. I was inspired to do this after I went to Thailand at the end of October - I could never think of what to meal prep but now I know. It’s a lot easier than other types of food. This is a thai green curry with tofu instead of chicken.

It reminded me that I was very grateful to a) be able to travel overseas - physically, and financially - and b) do so with my wonderful partner and have a fantastic time :heart_eyes:

But now I just really want cake. Hehe.

Also Ivar I agree and LOOVE coffee. I tried going decaf for awhile but it was terrible. Not going back.


Stay strong, my prayers and thoughts for you. :wink:

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Thanks for dropping in on my thread @Nimhain!!

Say hi to the other devs for me!


I will!

Enjoy your turkey meal!


You know what would make my Thanksgiving complete @Nimhain?

A BLACK FRIDAY exclusive craftable Pharos Ra!!! :innocent:

Can’t blame a guy for trying, right? :wink:

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Happy Thanksgiving from China everyone!!!


I am very thankful that we had a nice dinner, time with my granddaughter and daughter. And relaxing with Moa leftovers than I know what to do with.

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I’m so THANKFULLL for all the good things in Gems of War

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