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Omg the only good thing to happen to me today!

So here I am, having a REALLY cruddy day at work and being really broke due to bills, kinda down and out for the day and nothing is going right when I get home either…

I pop into GoW thinking “Hey, I won five arena matches in a row in arena the other night, maybe I can win some more!” So I jump in…and immediately lose the next two and have to quit instead. Even more down and convinced today was not my day, I noticed I got a key from the Arena, a glory key…so I used it thinking I wasn’t going to get anything but a troop that I have…and then this happened.

So, that was totally awesome and totally just happened, I finally got my first legendary…and with only one key available too! o.o

Already working on a deck with him.


Congrats! I only got my first legendary (Behemoth) the other day and still remember the feeling! It’s so nice to finally get one. Good luck with team building! And don’t forget to level him like I did with my Behemoth originally :open_mouth:


Congrats :slight_smile:

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Try set him up with the Sand Shark. :slight_smile:

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congratz. make sure to feed your doggie(s) daily.



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“Feels like the first time… It feels like the very first time!”



I might have to make you my bestie, that was amazing! XD

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The next time someone complains about the RNG hating them, I’m linking to this thread.


also got 3 leg in 50 glory keys^^

This will lead you the way my child


happy for you, everyone can use a chin up :slight_smile:


That is awesome! Makes the day better😊

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Best thing to cap off the night for the op is the 48 hour countdown till 2.0 and possible 1.95 update


Oh, @killerman3333, I wasn’t sure - is there an event coming in the next 48 hours we should all be made aware of?


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Yes 2.0 and new kingdom and woof, woof, woof, woof

Once console gets the Drifting Sands I very well may consider that!

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