Happy reset Monday!


So, is Monday good for everyone? Just curious if the devs had considered different days.


Happy PVP reset!
It’s something we’ve talked about a few times actually. Haven’t really had a strong reason for changing but as always, keen for feedback :slight_smile:


Still wish the glory for monday was before the reset… instead of after…


I’m from South Africa. When exactly does the reset occur? It’s now 16h35 and it did not happen yet.

Reason that I ask is that I would like to start my PvP rankings as soon as the reset occurs.



I’m in Europe and the reset should happen in 15 mn or so. It’s around 5pm for me usually. Your mileage might vary. ^^


Your reset was 10 mins ago. 17:00 for South Africa.


When exactly is it? 03:00 UTC?

Err edit: did my math the wrong way. 15:00 UTC?


It was roughly 3 hours before your post.


Yes, I also believe it’s 15:00 UTC/GMT.