Half a Guild are not a Guild?

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Nice offer; not really. Which half of my guild gets it, which misses out. Awful divisive offer ; be generous, make us generous; it should have had 29 packages. Awful effort .


This is also designed to make you spend more money.
The guild gift were reasonable before, when you could buy gifts for ALL members in 1 offer. I also bough those a couple of times. After they changed it, I havn’t bought a single guild offer.


Same, it’s a really disappointing and seemingly selfdefeating change.

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Do the math on this offer … this one is a mistake to bypass:

750 + 15*25 = 1125 gems for 14.99 … that’s 1.3 cents/gem. By far, the best deal in the game.

Just trade gifts with someone to take advantage.

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But if they did that, why would you buy the offer a week from now that will have 15 more gifts? :wink:

I’ve never bought guild gifts. Seems like such a waste when most of us get that in a couple of tributes.

I know its all marketing but come on 505 just for a moment have marketing with a heart . I luv my guildies [platonic ] ; let me give them all a gift. Dare you to change your summer gift list for tomorrow- come on offer us a 29 gift package -nothing else will do -we are all in this together or maybe not ; let your motivation not reduce us all to the calculator; this is a good deal for me -come on-help us all be selfless- I think you might make way more cash too with a heart than a hip pocket twitch.

Naw, it was just plain stupidity. They ruined the one thing that was actually fun and useful to buy, guild keys for all. We used to buy the guild packages quite often, now we don’t bother.

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