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Change the Guild Gifts Section to being able to actually gift ALL of the Guild

When I was growing up in my like po dunk school that had to be combined with another school after I graduated. My grade size was an unthinkable 40 kids. So 20 kids in my home room. For special events like Christmas, or Valentine’s day. It was okay to bring in treats so long as we had enough to give to everyone in the class a treat or Valentine. Not hard to do with 15 kids, but had it been 30-40 kids. The rule would of still applied.
So basically as a kid we learned. If we’re going to do something nice, then it’s best to do it for everyone involved, otherwise the good act will make at least a few feel bad. Thus instantly negating any actual good act.
Today, in one of my guilds, a newer member the guild (joined well after my embargo was proposed so probably doesn’t know anything about it) did something nice. He purchased one of the guild gifts. I can tell this by the replies on the guild chat. So for the first time since 4.7 was implemented…I bothered to look at the new and “improved” guild gift tab since all I knew prior was that they removed the guild keys part.

Within a few seconds I realized that even if I bought all 3 sections… For $35 I can’t gift gems to every single member of my guild. I come up 3 members short (not including myself). Perhaps it’s set up to milk me out of another $5 to gift those remaining members the week after. Or plan ahead and wait 8 days before I should gift everyone. But for those who don’t bother to over think it and just make an impulse buy. You’re setting them up to make an act of kindness that could make others feel like shit since they’ll probably assume they’ll have enough gifts to spread around.

I propose that you follow the basic rule of humanity that I learned in grade school.
$20 offer should give 29 gifts.
10 offer should give 15 gifts. And the 5 offer should give 5 gifts.
You shouldn’t force folks to buy all 3 packs to be an actual gift to the guild. The old way didn’t that was made back when happiness of the players was the main principal of the game. So this new way should also follow that mentality.

The counter point is. They probably don’t want to devalue the gem shop.

But your flash offers already devalue the shop so I’d be surprised if the numbers for the shop didn’t already take a nose dive from players with at least a year of experience.
Another counter point…
If an individual wants to spend $20 and another want to spend $20 and just gift each other. Let them. It’s $40 that the game probably wouldn’t of saw otherwise. The two will see it as a way of “gaming the system” which a lot of people enjoy and you enjoy money so win/win. People like to feel like they got a good deal… businesses like to make money off that feel good. Make the gift giving experience good on all ends by also allowing the gifter to feel good by allowing them to gift everyone off a single $20 purchase.

TL:DR $20 should allow folks to give 29 gifts.

Much to probably most readers surprise…I do not enoy telling people how to do their job. It takes a lot of time and energy and most of the time benefits me very little. So my real feature request of 2020 is to put more thought into the things you’re implementing. I’m all for change and new stuff. It’s what keeps Gems of War fun. But things like today’s example… Most of us learned in grade school. So I’m not thinking outside of the box here. And if this was the publishers decision then I absolutely do not understand why you literally hate your Gems of War player base. It’s as if you want us all to quit the game or stop spending money on it. If that’s not true, then you don’t understand your gem economy and you need to listen more attentively to Mr. Fawkner. There’s a communication issue in y’all’s meetings. How do I know that while being a 100% outsider and not knowledgeable about any of those alleged meetings? I can tell by the state of the present game you publish and his growing distance of using the forums. (You can’t fault him for not wanting to lie to us.)
2020’s goal for the developer, the publisher, and myself the rest of year should be… Not a single other Feature Request from me after this one for the rest of the year. (I’m realistic about bug threads). Or at the very least not another one requesting fundamental human decency.


I can say with absolute agreement that i took one look at the “guild” gifts and immediately dismissed them from any of my possible purchases. I had been super excited at the new unknown possible goodies, but other than gifting the gm as a token of appreciation, i would only buy something that excluded no one.


Elite is on Xbox sale this week for $12.99… but it used to go on sale for $4.99.

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i don’t see the harm in it after all salty said they’re looking for ways to expand the shop. come on @Saltypatra give us this one thing without taking anything away or nerfing the package. I’m certain increasing the gifts in the 19.99 pack from 15-29 alone won’t be enough completely break the game’s economy after all 25 gems = out to 1 gem key and 1 event key something I can grind out in TH in about 30 min you want more people spending do the players a solid every now and then and players will spend more from goodwill alone


I agree. Further, there remain remnants of the old gifting system in place which makes a purchase additionally awkward for the one who purchases them. The gifting icon appears immediately after a purchase, or at least it did in 2019.


This change in the guild gifts has sadly made something that was a fun and positive way to encourage our team mates, into something that can be demoralising for many of them.
As enough can’t be purchased at once to gift ALL guild members, there is going to be an inevitable, uncomfortable awkwardness for the giver, those gifted, and those not.

“How do I choose who to gift, the ones I like best, the ones with the most trophies, the players who gave me one last time?”

“Can I thank the player for the gift in guild chat? Did he gift everyone? Will that make other players wonder what made me so special? Will it make the gifter feel awkward because he had to choose?”

“I can see that a player bought a guild gift. I wonder why they didn’t give me one, don’t they like me? I gave them one last time but never again. I don’t have time to play as much as that other player who is thanking them, is that why I didn’t get one?”

As a guild leader, I have purchased these gifts in the past to show my appreciation for the hard work and loyalty of my fellow guild members. Sadly this Christmas I did not, as there is no way I will be forced to choose whom I feel is worthy.


The devs really need to rethink their monetization strategy. I’ve been playing this game for nearly 4 years and have spent less than $5 in total simply because the value in the purchases or even the perceived value is way off the mark, imo.

Gaming is my primary hobby and I spend hundreds of dollars annually supporting this hobby of mine. Probably even more than that if I’m honest. The point is, I have no issue giving a dev studio money. Especially for a game I have spent thousands of hours playing over the years like GoW.

I wish these devs would rethink their store prices as many others have suggested. I want to support the game monetarily but I’m not going to feel like a sucker doing it.


Good arguments, i was lucky to put up a guild with my sister so we can get that 30 gifts so everyone gets one. There is the problem that the guilds birthday is coming and for our plans even those gems aren’t enough, so i’m wondering is there a expiration date on the gifts if we would start buying them early? And yeah, there comes the proplem of guild members wondering why we are marked for buying them, but not giving them any, who did they gift etc. and the prices vary, so i really hope there is no expiration date?


Gifts do not expire, so feel free to buy early and build up your stash of gifts.


I have bought the guild elite pack in the past but never again since they nerfed the heck out of them. They used to send 4 guild keys to all members (which is basically 40 gems) now only 25 gems x15. Pathetic.

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While I don’t disagree with you about it being disappointing that you can’t give to your entire guild anymore like you used to be able to, I still don’t think the current Guild Elite is a bad deal at all. You get 500 gems for yourself now, it used to be 0. And the old 1000 guild seals have been replaced with 4 minor Clan orbs, worth 1200 seals. And you get a Pet Gnome bait, which benefits not just you, but your entire guild. The 500 gems is 25 gems per $1 USD, that can actually be a better value than the $100 USD Motherlode gem pack for players with low VIP levels, not taking into account any bonus gems for first purchase bonus or a gem “sale”.

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I would like to see a fourth option: gift everyone in guild x gems, gold, souls, whatever. It would be a nice for people who like that sort of thing.

Generally I give only one or a couple boxes out of a time. I treat them like rewards, like hey you did super well in the event. Or birthday gift. Or raffle. Etc.

If anyone buys gems from the shop, find another person who also does and buy these gift boxes instead to gift each other. It’s cheaper. I think the middle option was the best but I don’t recall.