GW Sentinels not carried over

Remember when GW’s arrived “early” the other week? We were told that, if we had allocated Sentinels, they would carry-over to this week. Is this not happening now? It hasn’t, for all x3 active GoW accounts on my Xbox (T666SJA, T666YPR & T666AWA) and now I’m in the middle of paying for all Sentinels again.


Sentinel levels Doesn’t seem to have carried over on IOS/Android too:s

Hey all,

Your Sentinels would only have carried over if you were online during the issue when guild wars started early approximately 12 days ago. However @t666sja I have checked the logs of your account and you only upgraded your Sentinels 21 days ago (the last proper Guild Wars) and then again last night (13 hours ago). So your Sentinels would not have carried over from the last Guild War, you would have lost the bonus at the end of the War week as normal.

If anyone else’s Sentinels did not carry over after the issue 12 days ago could please contact support with ‘Missing Rewards’ request type if you have had to pay for your sentinels again: We can check your account and see what went wrong and reimburse you.

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now you’ve got me doubting myself.
i noticed GW was going to start abnormally early and just knew, from past experience with this game, that it would start before being fixed. i definitely changed GW Def teams for the x3 active accounts just to be on the safe side, but i can’t be 100% whether i did the Sentinels now or not. guess i’m just going to have to trust you.
at least i’ve brought it to your notice.

We can see if issues in the logs occur as well, but for your account, it does look like they won’t set at all since the last proper GW. If you can remember upgrading specific Sentinels again this time I can see if they looked unusual for the most recent upgrade.