Allow Guild War Sentinel Bonus to Transfer Guilds

It was brought to my attention earlier that leaving or being kicked from a guild after upgrading sentinels does not transfer the sentinels to the other guild.

Assuming someone maxes them, they are going to lose 340 gems among other resources.

If a person leaves or gets kicked PRIOR to a guild wars starting, they should either get all of the sentinels resources sent to the mail or have the effect work for their new guild that week.


Pfffft, serious ? That’s their problem if they buy sentinels and get kicked or leave. They make the donation, it done deal no refund. You could extend this to all guild tasks.

If you bought sentinels, it’s too late to join another guild gw this week. I’d say place ticket ask for refund.


What lovely guild leader would do such a thing? That’s just mean!

Why is it to late? You can buy sentinels on Monday. Joining a guild on Monday puts you in GW.

Also what actualy happens with sentinels bought after someone leaves or is kicked from the guild? Does the bonuses still apply to the rest of the guild?

I hate guild leaders like that.


You shouldn’t hate guild leader for kicking people. I am certain guild leaders won’t kick active members that respect their guild mates. Those that get kicked were kicked for a reason.

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They lose all of it. They don’t keep the sentinel bonus nor the resources from it.

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As someone kicked from a top ps4 guild on a friday when reqs were already met…and it was to make room for someone who supposedly was high level. I call bs on that statement.
I also run a guild on android and have active peeps who were kicked even though they met reqs because the guild found someone who could do even more than the reqs.

Thats bs.
So no baba…just because u and I run good clean guilds doesnt mean anything. Ive also been in guilds and seen people kicked for the most bs reasons. Also logic implies hes not gonna blow 350 gems on sentinals to not play


I think the reality is somewhere between @DonBoba’s comment and yours. There are good guilds/leaders who only kick for good reasons (which are usually known and spelled out clearly in advance) and there are bad ones that do things for no rhyme or reason (and sometimes maliciously). My thinking is that it’s the player’s responsibility to make sure they’re in a trust-worthy and reliable guild. And if they are, then @DonBoba’s comments have more weight, and the player should likely know that they are in jeopardy before a kick actually occurs (in which case don’t buy sentinels). So while things could be better, I personally don’t think fixing/improving this ranks very highly compared to all the other stuff that could be done.

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I did it by accident. I invited the player back. Felt bad about my whoops. I am a mean leader. Lol


So i’m going be known as the bad meanie guild leader. Been worse things said. I can handle being called that. My guild mates know i’m a sweetheart. :wink:

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