GW loss counting as nothing at all?

Platform, device version and operating system
Steam - Windows 7

Screenshot or image
Don’t have one, hadn’t planned on reporting, sorry.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I tried to play all my guild battles but one of the battles did not register (1st one) along with 2000 bonus points. The battle was lost but it doesn’t explain why I lost bonus points for unique defense team. I am pretty sure I did not hit a skip button or retreat from battle. Just lost it to a team with Yasmine’s Chosen. I went away to make myself some tea (10 minutes at most) when Yasmine’s Chosen started looping so I did not see what “exactly” happened but I was alone at home, it’s not possible that somebody played a bad joke on me. I should have just lost it (if at all), not loose bonus points. I also want to add that I don’t need any recompensation or anything, just please have your people fix GW issues. Or just fix as many bugs as you can, IDK.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happened just once, in GW, yesterday (march 16th)

Steps to make it happen again
Wish I knew.

Thanks for that!

Just to clarify, it showed that you lost the battle, but got no bonus points, or the battle didn’t register at all so you naturally didn’t get your bonus points?

I think it looked like the battle had not happened at all but I had one “try” less anyway. I had blown through my fights after that and left. I had not even planned on reporting because I figured out I would be dismissed anyway because I had not recorded anything and, what more, I am not even sure what exactly happened when I left the room (leaving still looping AI). I guess I either lost the battle or there were server problems and I got disconnected. Or perhaps it took me too long to come back and the game reacts by automatically abandoning a battle?

As another Steam user, I can assure you that walking away from the game doesn’t make you automatically lose. In fact, I often had to leave in the middle of a match and even close the laptop, putting it into standby mode and cutting the internet connection that way for several hours. When I came back, I could always finish the battle. This goes double-true if you just leave everything sitting there for several minutes - did that before as well, for three hours, and still could finish everything later. Whatever happened has nothing to do with you stepping out for a bit.

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Did the battle show as a loss in your Battle Log?

@Sheba Yeah, the game is fairly good at running in the background if you close your laptop or lock your phone (I try to avoid it on my phone just to be sure :wink: )

Though I would definitely avoid that where possible.

I am sorry, but I don’t know how it showed in Battle Log, Cyrup. I haven’t even checked. I just shrugged it off as a thing that nothing can be done about, but then Santandrix asked me to report (after I mentioned “my” bug in his thread), pointing out that the main point is not “getting the recompensation” but “making devs aware of an issue”. So I just described as much as I could, hoping it will prove useful later, when another person has similar issue.