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GW Defence teams


This a bug? I thought having less than four troops couldn’t happen? :thinking:

Probably a bug. But I’ve had three-team defenses several times in the past, so it’s not just you.

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@Drathas Past 2 weeks I’ve been getting teams with 1-2 troops only as well. Would need more clarification if its a team bug. Or if some have been able to muck into GW with the use of 1-2 troop teams again. As I thought that had stopped.

The “fix” doesn’t apply to guild wars.
Sometimes you’ll see it in PvP still, but not very often.

While on the topic. Those who purposely still start less than 4 troops on their defense. I view you as somewhere between thieves and child molesters.

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Why should anyone set a two-troops defense in GW?

Most likely by accident. Idk what bracket the SS is from, but a bunch of new players could not know any better.

Veterans do.

The PvP filter that prevented teams of less than four troops never applied to Guild Wars. And there are any number of reasons why you could have that as your defense, including but not limited to setting your PvP defense to test something and then having it get “stuck” and then having all your guild wars defenses being set to that one, something that I have had happen but I believe was fixed in the last patch.

This would’nt made those people thieving child molesters.

Somewhere between the two.

That means there are nefarious/dishanorable reasosns to set up such a defense. Right?

It causes your team score to be lower than what the CPU replaces it as. So when you think you’re going for a one trophy easy match. You find yourself in a 3 trophy match with a third of the Rewards.
I just don’t face those people. But when you avoid a match in pvp it tends to reappear over and over in your options of matches.