Guilds ranked 20 to 50 lose players to the top 10

My guild started gaining momentum after the chat was added in December to PS4. Our group went from casual to more competitive. We even started upping our requirements and wanted better players. Before we knew it two months later we were 21st and my players started getting the top 100 more often. I’d kick a few for better players but in a few weeks they just quit anyways for a even better guild, it’s hard to be casual and competitive all in the same guild. I could quit too and join any top ten but I feel like we have a good thing going. I am trying to decide to stay casual or keep our new requirements and lean towards being competitive. Is this a issue with all the guilds who aren’t in the top 10? Help me decide what I should do bc leading and recruiting takes a lot of time out of my gaming. I hit top 50 weekly. We are down 3 ATM and no bites on my posts. Any ideas?

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Honestly, this is an issue no matter where you are in the rankings. I was in a top 3 guild for a few months last year and we were constantly stressing about losing players to the 1 guild that was higher than us in the rankings.

Between then and now, I spent about 5 months in a guild that was casual when I joined it but got increasingly competitive and worked its way up to the top 5. We had some of the same issues there, but there is also a problem balancing loyalty and expectations against managing rewards when your guild is evolving.

I think you’re going about things the right way, but it is really difficult to balance being both friendly/casual and competitive. The more competitive you get, the more difficult it is to leave room for players to take a vacation or have a bad week without other people complaining about the “leaches”. The best thing you can do is just be really clear about your expectations and your vision for the guild. Some people will choose to leave no matter what you do, but make your guild one where people can get behind what you stand for and most will be loyal.


Thank you, yesterday was our biggest loss every of 4 players, a little frustrating but I know we can bounce back, after seeing that happen I think I am more comfortable just being a heavy casual because really the ranks don’t matter and it is just a game. Seems like my loyal players really like our guild and the players so I just need more ppl like them. We get all tasks done quick and 40000 seals weekly. Really nothing else to get but bragging rights. I will take anyone that seems like they will fit. But I would like 150 plus. Is that too much to ask?


Get used to it, it’s human nature unfortunately.


You might want to add these facts to your recruiting thread! Can’t hurt to let them know what kind of benefits you can offer.


Will do thx a lot!

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Say you’re sky diving, would you want the best parachute or the 6th best parachute?
People will almost always go for what’s best.

Sooner or later you’ll get players who want to stay in your guild. Maybe they can find a higher ranked guild, but they like it with you and would stay. Just got to find the right people.

Though you may want to stop saying you’re casual. Because you’re not. If you’re kicking players out for others who can do better, that’s competitive.

I could quite easily remove some people from my guild and recruit players who can offer more. However everyone is meeting the requirements so I have no reason to remove them. Even if someone who plays more comes along, I have no space for them. That is casual.

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  1. You should be asking your Guild members opinions not nonmembers. I’d say if 2/3rds want to move in a direction seriously consider doing that.

  2. If your running a Dictatorship ignore #1 and do what every you want.

  3. If it was me I would set a base minimums that most players are comfortable with. Top players will always gravitate out to the Multi Million Gold per week Guilds per week anyhow. A few less active players will have to find another guild.

  4. Its a hard balance as active guilds seem to always have up creeping requirements.


Thx but I only had to kick if they couldn’t meet our very low requirements. Casual is one thing, not playing is a waste of a spot.


I think the 2/3 agree that we will step up our requirements and try to get the better players wanting to stay. I asked the public because I want the requirements fair and general top 20 rules. Thx for the input.

I’ve posted my personal experience in your guild recruitment thread.
Hope you find it helpful.

I am basically the manager for the GM in our guild on Xbox, in the top 15. We have had this issue as well, so you are not alone in feeling frustrated with what to do. I like to be fair and give people a break without feeling pressured that they will lose what they invested into our guild, but I like to be strict enough that our top tier players don’t get frustrated that they are not getting the rewards for their time and effort as well. It can be a very delicate line to walk sometimes, and we too have lost some decent players who rather be seeded into a higher earning guild than have the patience to continue to build and grow the one they are in. However, some of our most active and top earning players feel very at home with us, and they are daily players and contribute a lot, but they love having the breathing room and safety net that if RL issues come up either planned or emg situations, or they just feel like taking a break for a few days and playing some other games for a bit, that they do have a cushion for that, and won’t be kicked just because they didn’t make “minimum” a particular week out of the many they have played and contributed. If people can’t relax and have fun a bit, that’s not a game, that’s a JOB. We don’t want people playing and contributing out of fear for their game time.
We slipped from 11th and down a few places because of this ethic, and while it does suck for that to happen, we have many other loyal members who are with us rise or fall. We even have a good deal of us getting to know each other more personally through social media and have come to support each other on RL issues, not just game tactics, and that is true team building. I would not trade that for being in the Top 5. Not even on my radar.
You can be casual and competitive, you just need to have a good core of people who aren’t looking to be Elite or MVPs and communicate to each other. Even the best teams in any sport or game will still be a revolving door no matter what you do. Just follow what feels right and fair to you to your players both new and long term.


Well said, now we only need 3, so we’ll get through this and hopefully tyhe few new catch on too, it’s better to not go too crazy so u don’t get burnt out on it. Thx.

I should of stopped reading this thread after your first post. Spot on.

My biggest gripe was not losing players to the #1 guild. It was losing players once there kingdoms were all done that was a big kick in the guts after a while. 2-3months of free loading while finishing kingdom’s.


It will always be like this, because the Devs made it super easy to just hop guilds without worrying about any penalties. So you got people that just bounce around and higher guilds poaching, and it will always be that way unless there is a change. Maybe if you drop out of a guild you can’t rejoin one for 7days? Getting kicked would be different


Punishing is never good game design, always pick rewards over punishment.
So instead of punishing players for guild hopping, reward players that don’t guild hop.
Something simple as a bonus something that builds up, the longer you are in a guild.


I like that idea


That is a great idea maybe we can get something going and the devs will catch on, like say more gold and glory bonus per month or each 30 days. Also one of my people tried recruiting through a PSn message and the guy chewed him and me out. R u telling me that the ones that went to the top guilds weren’t contacted privately. there are no set rules and how to recruit in gems of war. What do you think with my guy in the wrong or should it be a no holds barred when it comes to recruiting people?