Guilds and Botting

True about stories and music too.

But yes - it really makes me wonder what kind of life these folks have that they have to cheat at a game.

I play this because I got bored with some of the more complex puzzle pay to play, and they were more about luck than about strategy. I was recommended this game because I loved MtG (a little too much in the 90s/early 2000s.

I like the variety of challenges throughout this game. The product team has done a great job.:bow:


Usually in online gaming its a bad idea to explain exploits being used. It gives other cheaters the info they need to work on hacks and ways to bypass anti cheat prevention.
Just an observation :sunglasses:

Good to see all the work being done, and the measures seems really fair. :slight_smile:

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I lol’d…


Great job


How the heck did you know I was playing with an…er, wait, nevermind, that’s not what you meant by “hard”.

Keep it clean mate. And in your pants.


My gems are falling out of my pockets, how can i keep them in my pants?

Ffs! Why couldn’t that ‘clown’ have joined another guild? If I ever met that doofus in real life…it wouldn’t be pretty! Thanks for cleaning up the ranks - again - Sirrian.


That person likely did it for the money. Rhino was the only person who ever spammed the concept that he was handing out money for performance. Someone by the name of Felicity also handed out money for performance, but she didn’t spam it and only ever mentioned it on her stream rather than in plain sight.


Maybe. Goes to show, money can’t buy you love :wink:

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Well done to @sirrian and the team…


nice work sirrian and co. :smile_cat:

Great news!


Still unhappy why should the whole guild be penalized for one cheater. It’s not our responsibility to monitor cheaters. However it is your responsibility as a dev to maintain what we paid for. Adding an extra for guild tasks is unacceptable. What if a player leaves the guild and joins another one? Not to mention it would be unfair for the people that stayed in that guild. Your basically ruining the experience for legit players. This is an official complaint.


Actually it would be a penalty only for a new member of the guild who didnt take an advantage of cheated gold before.
Old members already got the prizes, they already used them.


The bots ruined it for you. Blame them.
There are many examples (across a range of sports/pursuits) where individuals of teams have been found to have broken the rules and the entire team is punished.

Member(s) of your guild have been found to have broken the rules of the game and in doing so the entire guild benefited through trophies and contributions.

I think the devs ensuring that no one can benefit from cheating, is a good sign.


You’re not being penalized.
You already received the rewards for X amount of gold put into the guild by the banned account.
And once you’ve replaced that money (through the task with increased cost), you can continue as normal.


Is it considered botting to have my pc auto collect tribute once an hour?
I don’t have a phone that can play GOW, for collecting tribute when away from home, so I tried this a few days.
I didn’t think it was so bad. If it is, I’m sorry.
I will stop until I hear otherwise.

I would expect that that behavior falls squarely under don’t-ask-don’t-tell. It sounds like a very mild form of automation that is technically against the rules. The problem is that it can’t be endorsed officially because the line between what you are doing and what is a bannable offense is impossible to define otherwise.