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Guild ......... Wars

Something new to do and it doesn’t require chat to do guild Wars and not time consuming (we all know we don’t have access to chat during puzzle match)

It would be 5-6 days of guild Wars then it resets.

Registration before guild Wars, guild leader registers the guild, it’s 12 hours and once time is up, you are given 1 declaration token (you get one every 12 hours) … so u decide how many members you sign up (this can help if u have 30 members and inactive ones that u can omit)

Also if you can’t show up every 12 hours to declare, no worries u can keep up to 2/2 or even 3/3 declaration tokens that way your not required to declare every 12 hours and different guilds will invade at different times which will help spread the guild Wars rankings

You are also allowed to END the war invade early (before the 12 hours is up) IF and only IF you have won the invade (keep reading to find out how to win the invade).

Who can join guild Wars ?

Any guild with 10-30 members

How much time consuming ?

Each member has 1 fight to do within a 12 hour time frame when your guild leader declares war (you then get paired randomly based on your guild rank in guild Wars)

How it works ?

Once your guild leader declares war, you are paired to invade a random guild and that guild starts with a bar at 100% health. That team is defending with AI.

If it’s a 30 member vs 30 guild fighting , the objective to win the invade is to get the bar down to at least 30% to WIN.

However, if your guild is 30 members and your invading a 10 member guild, for that fight, the objective becomes a math calculation that would need to be implemented to modify the % to win in this case (10-20% or so)

Also, only one member invading can attack AT A TIME a specific player from the defending team, if the invading member loses, another member can then attack it… however, if he wins, that defending target is eliminated and cannot be attacked again.

Every time a defending target is eliminated the health bar starts going down from 100% and the invading guild has 12 hours to reach the goal to WIN (so its important to have active members)

#There is things that gems of wars would need to think about… is each defending member worth the same in terms of the health bar ? Like if someone has 8,000 power level while another guild member has 4,000 power level should it lower the health bar the same amount % wise when defeated ?

Also, would it be 4 cards VS 4 cards ? or maybe change it up 3 cards VS 3 cards with 2 rounds (round 1 - 3 cards , round 2 - 3 cards… RULE: No duplicate cards, each card must be different.)

Rewards ? I don’t know… bonus trophies ? (Guild Wars would need to END before trophy resets for the week)

EDIT: Looking at what is the average win % for defenses in PvP would be a great indicator to determine if guild battles is viable with current AI. If it’s not viable due to AI’s win % then consider tweaking the AI to benefit it but ONLY for guild battles… This change would not affect the AI in PvP.


Idea is solid, but invading guilds would win pretty much every time, we can tell that by defense rates alone.


I had an idea that the guild could have a week to try to destroy a very over powered guy. Like maybe the bad guy could have like 10000 defense and 5000 life and each guild member has one try every day until the bad guy kills you. Also the bad guy could have a very powerful attack but maybe he needs a lot of mana to get it leveled up.

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Bad guy would be dead day 1 cause seriously maw or loop teams or disease. Not saying your plan is dumb or bad just interesting and i kinda want to test my luck against a supper boss who has a one cast spell that is 100 mana rainbow that when casts kills the entire enemy team. Has three mana creators, green seer, valkyrie, giant spider.

It’s hard to say, PvP is not a good exemple for bad defenses occurring because speed clears invade is more important to climb. If you look at top 10 at end of week they don’t have great defense rates compared to rank 50-100 but they have way more invades

@Ziggy756 I love your idea for a guild battle against an overpowered opponent. This could be on the guild task window with another bar representing completion. The completion is based on amount of dmg dealt.

Any guild member can enter the battle, hell even charge a gold entry fee like 500, and it pits you against the boss.

The battle in my mind is more like TH but on a standard board. His spell costs 50 mana of a single color, which could change with the boss and is a party kill. You do as much dmg as you can on your turn, on the boss turn he destroys all gems of his color, lending some strategy to the game and forcing you to adjust your team if he will mana starving you every turn.

You do as much as you can until he casts. The dmg is kept totaled and the rewards should be pretty good… Like traitstones??? :wink:

Did I mention I love this idea???

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That boss idea reminds me of Guild Raids. SW heroes of the galaxy is similar. That Rancor boss is a great challenge.

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Sirrian has in the past expressed interest in a Mega-Boss concept:

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That’s true about invading team winning rate being very high. Either it needs to have a very low target since most invade attacks will win or introduce a way to help defense win.

ONLY for guild wars maybe add an option “prioritize skulls” which you can checkmark or leave blank for your defense.

It would NOT be added for PvP tho.