First Guild Seals, now Guild Wars...the daily chores

I know many people are going to read this and say I’m being selfish or just complaining but I feel like this has to be said as I can’t be the only person who feels this way…

I enjoy Gems of War a lot. Enough that I have played it for the last couple of years and haven’t ever felt the need to “take a break” from the game. I like to have my weekends free to do whatever so I play early in the week and just log in sporadically on the weekends. When the guild revamp came I was frustrated by the addition of guild seals as it effectively put a minimum playtime requirement on the game. A game which I enjoyed playing (on my terms in my free time). The guild I am in is a great group of people who understand this and have never put a minimum seal requirement in place but it would be pretty selfish to screw over 29 other people just because I don’t want to make a little more effort than I prefer. So I have hit 1500 seals every week since seals were released. My solution was to play even more early in the week which would leave my weekends free. Not perfect but it’s been fine.

Now comes guild wars…five fights a day, preferably with a mono-color team, and thirty fights a week. Five fights a day doesn’t sound like much but its not about five fights…its about not having a choice. These fights matter much more than ranked pvp. Guilds consistently put up their strongest (famine and devour) teams and losing even one game will seriously hurt my guild’s standing. As a result I take my time on these fights and usually finish games in around 5 minutes. That ends up being a near 30 minute daily requirement! Every day! (except Monday) At this point, I have to consider leaving a guild I have been in for nearly a year because its feeling like a chore just to play a game that should be fun. There’s absolutely no forgiveness if I have a busy week or something comes up. My guild is out the points and that sucks. My guild is made up of players I like and I’d rather quit the game than ruin 29 other people’s fun. Is there any word on how the designers feel about this? Were they hoping to create a situation where players just play Gems of War all day?

My hope is that seals could be reduced from 1500 to 1000 or the cap was 30k instead of 40k? Maybe Guild Wars could be a once a month thing. Or let me do my fights all in one day if I want. Basically, I feel like the game is no longer a game I can just play when and how I want. It’s becoming a chore that I don’t get a say in.

I know this is a long rant but I have seen so many players quit this game in the few weeks since guild wars came out. None of them quit saying “I need a break.” They have all stated that this is just not fun anymore. People want to play games as a break from the daily grind…not to be the daily grind.


You can play all your GW fights on Sunday if you like. However they won’t count towards any daily bonus for your guild.
Your guild as a whole can choose to opt out if they all feel the same though?

Yeah that sucks about this so if you got to go on vacation for three day weekend or something you can screw your guild, they did this to make you want to play the game more more more and make it even more competitive so yes more more more people will be quitting so we’ll see what they do. It just came out on console this week and I’m guild leader, it just takes work mAking sure everyone knows where to go for everything now I spent more time messaging then playing, there’s got to be a better way to do this. It’s just a game though so I guess if we got a busy weekend the guild will have to take a loss


This is exactly the sort of reaction I predicted would ensue… the lack of choice thing. Enforced behavior.


You do have choice. The only choice that’s constrained is that you have to do 5 battles on Sunday. That’s a super low bar.

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So I I want a vacation or a weekend away I could lose my spot? I understand it’s between the guild but it does put pressure on me if I have 25 ppl playing and 4 have no clue, now I have to decide, what new rules do we want and what direction to head in, all for the sake of some fun, oh well it is what it is, I’m sure we’ll all get through this

Guilds a generally pretty good at making their reqs known. If you enter a guild knowing they require daily participation or 100% participation, and have no leniency, then you’re the one that’s committed to not going on vacation. That’s on you. Frankly, I don’t think any guilds are so strict that you are never allowed to step away from the game.

I Am the guild leader , I guess I’ll change rules for the week, but no, I’d discusss it with them before I left.

That’s the hardest thing about playing on console. If you are away for the weekend on vacation, you can’t even play your GW battles. I have a weekend vacation coming up here soon but I just plan on getting on my phone for 25 minutes and doing my GW battles and then getting off.


Have they linked accounts?

PC and mobile are linked, but currently you can’t link console with a mobile phone. Would be nice for them to be able to claim tribute during the day when they are away from console.

Legal Agreements prevent it. They might make Gems a UWP app in the future, after everyone is on Unity, or they might not. Depends on the publisher I suppose.

I hope not tho bc all the rankings would change. Let’s keep them how they are

I think this is what everyone seems to be forgetting - it’s meant to be fun!
Ok, so some will take it way more seriously than others, these will be the same people already demanding their members spend Every.Waking.Moment playing the game.
If you don’t upgrade every sentinel to max then you’re pretty much guaranteed a profit regardless by my reckoning?
If you can afford to upgrade them to max then you’re probably playing non-stop anyway…

Thank you, I have the same issue with GW, I used to take the weekends off, now I feel I have to play.
It’s not that I do not like GW, it’s the feeling I am forced to play 6 days in a row.


Sounds like a change of guilds is in order.

My guild is not forcing me to play six days in a row, I feel obligated to play GW or i am letting the guild down


Then it sounds like some soul searching is in order instead.


Oh please, it’s a game, soul searching. Really?


This is the problem. The game makes you feel forced to play, not your guild. My guild is very understanding. We have players of all levels and are very supportive of each other. Leaving the guild would be a very disappointing choice and one that I don’t plan on doing. The design decisions have changed from “play when you want” to “play when gems of war wants.” That sucks.