Guild Vs.Guild Wars

Once a week for a period of 24 hours…Friday?, there are Guild Wars where Guilds get matched vs other guilds. All Pvp would be vs chosen enemy guilds. Winning guild gets special prizes and there is standings that tracks guild performance and player performance.

It could be either one guild vs another or a pool of 4 guilds.

Chat would be for all guilds at war with each other.

I would love war feature also ability to declare war on another guild outside once a week.

This has already been requested by me and some other players. Rework on guild is planed for 2.0.1 version so don’t hope for anything in that section soon.

Love to see this added at some point. would give a lot more content to game. - hope one day

Awesome, thanks.

This is sposed to be the next p[atch right? Any idea when this is??

Probably by the end of February. We are about to get new kingdom, probably next week.

i want a guild war once or twice a day, not once a week.
so huge game mode to only be done once a week is a huge waste of programming time

Yeah I think this should run all week, but trophies should still be tracked overall to be added to the leader-boards.

Each week your guild fights a different guild.

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that would be an epic edition to the game. Though the more casual guilds should have the option to opt out if they want.

I’m not sure if you know or not but Guild Wars is coming and it’s opt-in so only guilds that want to compete will compete.

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did not know that, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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Sure thing; here’s all the latest news: