Guild Wars team?

I’m using a different gw team than the last one, but it’s not the team showing under the “defense” category. On my pvp defense, the right team (same team as new) is showing. How do I change the gw team?

PVP defense is totally separate from Guild Wars Defense. PVP defense is what is used when you are attacked via the PVP button. The Guild Wars defense teams should be different each day and are found via the Guild Wars button (in the Guild section). Does that answer your question or did I misunderstand it?

Just to explain the Guild Wars defense section a little better:

Click the Guild icon at the bottom of the screen

Click Guild Wars

Select the “Defense” tab

The guild wars team is showing a different team than what I’m actually using. And it shows for each day. Why can’t the actual team I’m using for guild wars show on the guild wars screen?

If you set your defense teams on GW, they won’t be selected immediately as your attack team. You need to choose it on the attack menu. Although it will be best to set the attack team as the same color of the day.

The defense teams will be there from GW to GW, but, since the color order changes, you need to change it.

If you are reffering to PVP attack or defense team, they will only appear if you choose it on the GW defense and/or attack menu.

To change teams on GW Defense or attack, just go to their respective menu, select the team header and the team select menu will open so you can choose a different team.

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