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Guild Wars defense teams keep reverting

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I wanted to change my Guild Wars defense team for the next day. It accepted the change, displaying the new team set. However, when the next day started, it always had reset to the one assigned by default. I’ve had this happen to me several days in a row now.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Go to Guild -> Battle -> Defense, click on the banner of the upcoming team, select any premade team from the pool. The defense tab will update to show the team has been set. Wait a day for the next round of battles to start. The defense team will have reset to the one initially assigned.


Smell bad for tomorow when we will need to set unique troop in defense


Same happens to me. I had different teams for each day set, but come to actual day it changes back to the same team for each day.
Can’t wait to not get points for using unique troops as it doesn’t allow me to use unique troops.

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Hi @Saltypatra can you please tell us if you guys are aware of that issue? Im little worried about this thread since we suppose to start with the unique troop defense bonus this week

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Just posting my answer here as well:

We know that some defence teams reverted after the update. We’ve had quick look and didn’t see anything obviously wrong there.

We will be keeping an eye on it after the new guild wars starts this week.

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But if it happen again you guys are able to
Unlock defense team so we can put back the good team?

Can confirm, that it keeps happening. Can’t change the teams.

Edit: It seems if you hit edit teams, then it resets. but if you build the teams first and use banners to change them, then it stays.

I only used the banner to change them. The change always got accepted, the team only reverted later on, possibly on daily reset when the team was supposed to become active.

One of our member has all his 6 GW defense teams reset to his PVP defense team…
Are you sure it’s working well?

Yeah, few hours later it is reset again.

Don’t use the Edit option in the GW interface.
Build your teams first in the Troop Interface, and then switch to them one at a time in the GW interface by clicking on the Team name tab.

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I had everything set up. Logged out. Came back some hours later, everything is reset. I did nothing in that time to cause it.

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I just did the following:
Logged in (PC)
Set all the GW defense teams
Did a PvP battle (and won).
Verified GW defense teams were set
Quit the game
Logged back in and voila, teams were reset.

It looks like they are simply never sent to the server.


I’m having a problem with w defence teams too. Using 5 different teams over the 6 days and it says I am only using 4 unique troops for a bonus of 2000?

I finally made them stick some hours ago without reverting to one team across the board.
What Sudousai said but I went back to the map screen between setting each one :-

On the defence screen click on the “Day 1” banner. (Takes you to your teams list)
Click the banner of the team you want to select.
Back out of Wars to the map screen.
Do this for all 6 days.
Restart the game.

Playing on iOS - ipad air

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Well I did just that and after getting back in - reverted


Same. Set my guild wars defence teams, played a game of explore just to make sure the server knew I was here
Quit and log back in, and all days are back to my PvP team.

Sad because this means I’ll have to set a meta PvP defence to make sure I don’t put up a nice easy Merlantis team for GW all week

My defense is still at an all purple team (event two weeks back) so I’m even more stuck

Note that the PvP defense also didn’t stick - I tried to change that one as well

I finally got my defense teams to stick when i bought sentinel upgrades after setting the teams. I guess that forces an update to the server.